Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What A Scare!!!

Yesterday I gave Donna quite the scare.


Yesterday I started to bleed very heavy, I called my midwife's office & waited for a nurse to call back...
Meanwhile I soaked through 3 pads in about 5 minutes. I called Donna and told her I thought she should come home, I was getting nervous... about a half hour had past and I still hadn't heard back from the doctor, so I called again. The nurse called me back about 2 minutes later and told me to go to the hospital.
Donna loaded up the front seat with towels, I couldn't get out of the bathroom without soaking through a pad, I knew I would be a mess by the time we got to the hospital. So away we went to the place I had already spent too much time :P
On our way there I started cramping and getting pains in my back, by the time we got there (within 10 minutes) I was in horrible pain. I was taken in in a wheelchair, gave my info at the desk and was then taken right in to triage, I think I gave a little info there and while the nurse was trying to take my blood pressure I passed out. I was taken from there into the emergency room on a stretcher where there were about 6 people all over me very quickly. The blood pressure reading the nurse in triage got was 46/35, very scary!!! The doctors and nurses in the emergency room hooked me up to 3 IV's and pumped 4000cc of fluid into me in what seemed like just a few minutes. A couple doctors tried to examine me and do a sonogram to try to figure out what was causing the hemorrhaging, but I was bleeding way too much & too fast so they decided emergency surgery was the only option to figure it out. I signed consents for everything from a D & C to a Hysterectomy.
They ran me through the hospital to the operating room and the next thing I remember is waking up in recovery.
Turns out I had some tissue left over in my uterus from having the boys. They just had to do a D & C. They sent the tissue to pathology just to be sure it isn't anything else, but they're pretty sure it is left over placenta.
I stayed the night (again) so they could give me 2 units of blood and to be sure my bleeding stopped.
I was released today just in time to go give our boys their lunchtime bottles :)
I'm tired and my whole body is sore, but I am fine.


  1. oh my goodness! That's so scary! I'm so glad Donna was able to come home quickly. I hope you can rest some this week.

  2. Ohh Spring that is so scary! I would have freaked.. I so happy your ok now though.. Get yourself some rest you have to be all well for the boys homecomeing!

  3. Oh geez!!!

    Glad you're doing better!!!



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