Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Boys First Bottles...

The boys did great today with their first bottles.
Garren was first up, he drank 10cc from the bottle. That is 10cc out of 30cc, and that is a great start according to the nurses. He got the remaining 20cc through his feeding tube.

Donna giving Garren his first bottle...
and burping him
Kellan was next and he drank 11cc out of 30cc.

Me giving Kellan his first bottle

Caden was last, but definitely not least! He drank 15cc out of 34cc.

Donna giving Caden his first bottle...
and burping him
So we are starting out with 1 to 2 tries at the bottle a day, when they get the hang of it, we will increase the number until they are taking nothing but bottles. We were told it is usually a 2 week process.
Anyone want to bet on how long it will take our guys???

Todays 17 day old photos (32 weeks gestation)...

Garren, 3 lbs 7.4 oz
Kellan, 3 lbs 9.1 oz
Caden, 3 lbs 14.5 oz


  1. Considering how well and how quickly they doing everything else, I am going to bet that it does not take them that long to get the hang of the bottle.

    They look great, you guys look great. Keep on getting rest and healing because before you know it you won't have the quiet at night at home that you have.

    How are the puppies at home doing? Have you started bring home blankets that smell like the boys to get them use to them?

  2. Oooh...Caden's fastly approaching the 4 lb mark!

    I bet they'll suck those bottles down in no time!

  3. Ninety-nine bottles of milk on the shelf, ninety-nine bottles of milk...take 3 down and pass them around...ninety-six bottles of milk on the shelf...LOL
    Yea, what great progress. Congrats to the little guys for doing so well. Great job Momma D and Mommy Spring. You all look wonderful.
    Love Ya's
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  4. I think this song should be your montra, anyho I think it will be no time till there all drinking bottles for each meal. GO Gettem



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