Thursday, May 5, 2011

*One Week Old!!!

The boys are a week old today, I can't believe it!!!
They are all still doing very good :D
I kangaroo held all three boys today and got to change my first poopy diapers, lol.
Donna also changed a couple diapers tonight and she got to take their temperatures.
Because the boys are a week old today, they had cranial ultrasounds to check for brain bleeds.
This is standard for all premature babies.

Tonight Caden's IV started to swell and had to be moved. When the nurse went back to take the bandage off she found that the IV fluid had leaked under his skin and burned his foot. The PA came in and explained what happened and what she was doing to make it better. She made 6 injections into the burn to make it drain. She said it may scar, if it looks like it will be a bad scar they will have a plastic surgeon do a skin graph. Poor little guy didn't even fuss about it.





  1. Oh poor Caden. We will say an extra prayer for him. week already. They all look so handsome. Love their hair. They look like they have grown already.
    Love to all. Thanks for the wonderful pics.
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  2. Spring, they are beautiful and so handsonme.

  3. They are beautiful. Grow babies, grow!



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