Monday, June 27, 2011

38 Weeks Gestation

I've been working on this post for 2 days now & putting off posting it because I didn't want our beautiful photos of the boys to get pushed down the page... lol...

So if I had been carrying only one baby, I would be 38 weeks pregnant right now. Instead we have the most amazing 8 week old triplets :) As we approach 2 months old (tomorrow) these are some of the new things I have noticed... Eyelashes, seems kinda funny, but the boys didn't have any when they were born & I have noticed them growing in the past couple weeks. Their eyebrows are just starting to darken a little too, but you can't see it in photos yet. Also the boys are working really hard on holding their heads up. They have been able to pick them up and turn them for a while now, but now they like to lift their heads and look up at us, so sweet!!! They also smile more when they hear one of our voices or the dogs lick them or when they hear or see each other. My heart just melts when we lay them down next to each other after they've eaten and they turn to face each other and smile :)
They are overall good babies. We've had a couple of rough nights where one or two of them wants to eat continuously or are just restless & want to be held... all night long, lol. But from what I have read, they are probably going through a growth spurt & those only last a couple days. For the most part they are eating every 4 hours now & that includes at night.

Eason really sacked out, the boys, & Haddie keeping an eye...

Eason spending some snuggle time

Haddie & Eason napping very closely

The boys on one of their activity mats...

Not much activity, lol

Kellan, Caden, & Garren
Caden & Garren were having a serious pacifier conversation...

Caden decided to get Kellan's opinion :o)

Eason napping with Kellan & Caden

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful Photos of Our Boys!!!

A HUGE Thank You to Giulia at Fantasy Photography for the beautiful photos of our boys!!!

7 weeks old...
My Favorite!!!

Donna's Favorite!!!

My Second Favorite!!!

I know they are growing fast & just when I think they are getting big,
I see a pic like this...  them in their preemie diapers.

Brotherly LOVE

Thursday, June 16, 2011

7 Weeks Old / 1 Week Home With All 3 Babies!!!

We have survived our first week with all three boys home... We are exhausted, not because they don't sleep, they do and quite well, but we have to get them up every 3 hours to eat. Caden & Kellan usually start to stir right about the time I start warming their bottles, Garren takes a little rousing, he really likes his sleep.

Here's how feedings go... It takes about 15 minutes to warm three bottles & about 45 minutes to feed all three, (that's with 2 of us feeding them simultaneously) then I have to pump for their next bottles which takes another 30 minutes. At night that leaves 1 1/2 hours to sleep before we do it again, during the day we use the time to get things done around the house, mostly laundry (we have messy eaters) washing bottles, and feeding ourselves. We try to get a nap or 2 in during the day.

Today the boys had another check-up at the pediatricians. Caden weighed in at 7 lbs 5 oz, up 1 lb from last week, Kellan weighed 6 lbs 15 oz, that's up 1 lb 3 oz from last week - The doctor was most impressed with his weight gain, that is a HUGE jump!!! Garren weighed 6 lbs 10 oz, up 9 oz from last week and his gain was more "normal" than than the other boys, lol. They are all still anemic (normal for preemies) but the doctor is more cautious about it as they get closer to 2 months, so she is putting them on iron. Other than that, they check out great and we won't go back until the end of the month for their 2 month check-up and vaccines.

Remember that contest on Facebook that we nagged you all to vote for us on? Well we won a photo session with a local photographer...
Yesterday we took the boys to have their photos taken. They all did really really well and I cannot wait to see the photos!!!

Going anywhere is quite interesting... because of feeding 3 every 3 hours, timing anything around their feeding schedule is practically impossible. So for doctors appointments we schedule them for right before they have to eat & we feed them there. For the photo session, we wanted them sleepy, so we fed them right before we went and that worked well. As far as getting ready to go, well that takes a little longer than it used to and a lot moor coordinating!!! We are still working on that. This morning I walked & fed the pups, then showered and dressed while Donna fed the boys, then she showered and dressed while I dressed the boys, pumped, and packed bottles and the diaper bag. I think this worked out pretty well and we were on time :)

Here are some pics from this week...

6/10/11 Caden, Garren, Kellan.
Look at those sweet faces...
6/11/11 Garren sucking his thumb
6/12/11 Caden, Garren, Kellan
relaxing after eating
6/13/11 Garren, Kellan, Caden
Tummy time
6/14/11 Eason, Kellan, Garren, Caden, Haddie, & Mama
Tummy time for everyone...
6/15/11 Donna & the boys
6/15/11 Kellan, Garren, Caden
Napping after a busy afternoon of photo taking
6/16/11 Eason & Haddie trying to help feed Caden

Friday, June 10, 2011

*Six Weeks Old!!!

We celebrated 6 weeks with all 3 boys home, YAY!!!

The boys also had their first (second for Caden) pediatrician appointment. The doctor went over their NICU report and is amazed at how well they are doing and how little help they actually needed being 29 week preemies. They are all gaining weight well, Caden & Kellan have reached 6 pounds, & Garren isn't too far from it.

It is fun having them all home, besides the lack of sleep part. When we got them all home we put them all in the pack n play together for the first time, they each laid there looking at each other for a while then the chattering started... They make the cutest & funniest sounds and they all do it back & forth, I swear they are talking to each other. We lay them down with quite a bit of space between them but within minutes they are all huddled together, arms & legs intertwined, staring at each other. We finally had to roll up blankets & put them between them for night--time sleeping. They still work their way as close as they can. They are too cute!!!

For the most part they are really good babies. They are not bothered by the dogs barking or each other crying or any other noise for that matter. We have them napping in the living room with the tv on and everything going on around them.
Well enough of my boring chatter, here are some pics...

Burrito Babies
Eason making sure the spoiling is done right
Haddie checking on the boy
Sleeping Beauties
More Burrito Babies
Eason keeping an eye on the boys while they sleep
Hanging out after eating, making sure we got all the burps out

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kellan & Garren's Homecoming!!!

Kellan & Garren were discharged from the hospital yesterday (Wed June 8th) just 1 day shy of 6 weeks old.

Garren all strapped in & ready to go...
Kellan is ready too...
Kellan, Garren, & Caden - Their first ride in the "Baby Train"
All loaded in the car...
a better view...
Home Sweet Home
They all laid there taking turns looking at each other and chattering
On the way home from the hospital we stopped by Donna's station for a few of her coworkers to see the boys (we didn't take the boys in, her coworkers came out to the car) Then home we went... Donna took Caden in the house first while I waited with Kellan & Garren, when we walked in with two more babies Haddie & Eason looked very confused. Haddie didn't know how to react, she kept going to Caden in the pack n play and then looking at us with the other two, like she couldn't believe what she was seeing, lol... 

Our first night with all 3 boys was hard, the boys chattered all night with each other and getting up every 3 hours to feed them all AND pump was very hard, we only got to sleep for an hour and a half at a time. We had a pediatrician appointment today for all 3 boys and she is ok with extending the boys time between feeds at night to 4 hours, now we just have to see if the boys will cooperate. I think Garren will, Kellan might, Caden will definitely be a challenge.

Well Donna just put the last baby down, so it's time to try to get some sleep...

Two Days As An Only Child... at home

Heres a few photos of Caden getting spoiled while he was the only baby home...
Eason, Haddie, Mama, & Caden
Everyone wants to be close to the baby
Caden sleeping on Mama
Haddie making sure I hold Caden right

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caden's Homecoming

Yesterday (Sunday June 5th) Caden was released from the hospital. Our first baby to come home... OH MY... are we ready???
Well we were as ready as we were going to be... the more time they spent in the hospital, the more things we found to add to our list of things to get done before they came home. Boy was that exhausting, lol!
We got all kinds of info and all kinds of goodies to bring home along with Caden, but the most interesting thing was getting him fitted in his carseat and loaded into the car... and then of course, getting him out and bringing him into the house to meet Haddie & Eason (the pups.)
Haddie is absolutely obsessed with him!!! She doesn't even want Donna or I to pick him up or take him to another room. She's getting a little better today, but she doesn't want Eason anywhere near Caden. We are making sure to let them both see the baby when we pick him up to change him or feed him.

Caden in his carseat ready to go...

in the car...
finally home
his gassy face...
Haddie guarding him...
relaxing on Mama after dinner... 
Haddie still keeping a close eye...
and Eason trying to be close without getting snipped at by Haddie.
Our first night with Caden went good, he sleeps beautifully and makes the cutest little noises while he sleeps which were so nice for Donna & I, we didn't spend the whole night watching to make sure he was breathing. We were up every 3 hours to pump & feed him.

Today he had his first appointment with the pediatrician. The first thing we learned is that it takes a whole lot longer to get ready with a baby, I an only imagine how long it's going to take with 3, lol...
The pediatrician thought he was doing great and that he did wonderful in the NICU. She said he was a strong and smart "29 weaker" :) He also weighed in today at 6 pounds, I can't believe how fast he is growing!!!

I have some video of Caden leaving the hospital and coming home and the pups reaction to him, I will upload it as soon as I figure out how to make them all one video on the computer... they run together on our camcorder but not when I upload them???

Well Caden is finishing his bottle now so it's time to get some sleep while he sleeps.........

Monday, June 6, 2011

More Photos from Grandma & Grandpa's Visit

We had a great few days with my Dad and Marie (aka Grandma & Grandpa) here. Wish they could have stayed longer...

Garren sucking his thumb
Garren sleeping
Haddie enjoyed her visit with Grandma & Grandpa too
So did Eason
Grandpa & Caden

Grandma & Garren
Caden, feed me...


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