Monday, May 2, 2011

Three Days Old (30 weeks gestation)

Yesterday was a BIG day for us all...

My mom & step-dad arrived late Saturday night. So the boys got to meet one set of their grandparents yesterday.
Garren & Kellan joined Caden and started on light therapy for jaundice, which is completely normal for preemies. Caden had to also go on a "blue light" his Bilirubin level went up instead of down, he did get to wear a very stylish pair of sunglasses while under the light.

Caden with his stylish sun glasses

Caden under the blue light

Kellan came off of his oxygen and is doing very well.

Kellan without his oxygen :)

And the biggest news of all... all three boys were moved to NIC2 and are together!!! For those who don't know, being moved to NIC2 is an upgrade, babies get moved there when they are more stable and doing very well.

Garren, look at how big his hands are!

And finally... I was discharged from the hospital after almost 3 weeks. It is so nice to be home and sleeping in my own bed, but it is hard not being close to the boys.
It was also very exciting to see my pups after so long. Eason laid on the couch and chattered to me most of the afternoon & Haddie kept sniffing me over and trying to see my incision. They are such love bugs, I missed them a lot!!!

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  1. well I am glad they are doing well!! I think about all 5 of you all the time. Im so happy for you!



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