Our Story

Donna & I met in March of 2000 through a mutual friend. She was 35 & lived in Connecticut at the time, I was 22 & living in Tampa, FL. 
Six weeks after we met Donna got a transfer with her company & moved to Tampa (& in with me.)
Six months later she was promoted & transferred back to CT, we packed up all our stuff & relocated together.
On October 16th, 2002 we were married in VT. 
We spent 4 years in CT before She finally got another transfer back to FL. 
During the last year we were in CT,  Donna's colon ruptured. She was misdiagnosed in the beginning & it turned into a very scary situation! Three operations & one year later she was back up & running like herself again. 
Relocating back to FL with our families became very important after that experience.
In 2004 we arrived in Orlando just in time to experience Hurricanes Charlie, Jean & Frances, lucky us!!!
We closed on our first home in December 2004 & set out to start the family we had been dreaming about for 5 years at that point. 
Things never go quite as planned & it was a couple more years before we were finally (physically) "trying."
Again, as things never go as planned we were months into "trying" & still not pregnant. Long story short I went through lots of exams & tests, took several different fertility drugs with little response & finally sought a second opinion at another Reproductive Endocrinologist, only to find out I had PCOS & could not get pregnant without the assistance of IVF. 
In May of 2010 we started the IVF process & became pregnant with twins the first time. Unfortunately one of the twins never developed a heartbeat (a blighted ovum) & at 6 weeks my body tried to miscarry. The remaining twin remained fine & we were referred to an OB at that point. Our first OB appt was great but our second OB appt on August 1st 2010 revealed our baby had died. It was a devastating blow & a very long & painful process waiting for my body to miscarry naturally.
In October 2010 we did a FET with 2 of our remaining embryos. Also in Oct 2010 Donna was transferred to North Carolina. On November 1st we found out we were expecting again, 2 weeks later our first ultrasound revealed TWINS again... Our second ultrasound revealed a third heartbeat, one of the embryos had split & we were expecting TRIPLETS!!! Perfect time to be living away from family again!
Our beautiful & perfect baby boys were born April 28th, 2011 @ 29 weeks gestation. They required minimal assistance & just had to remain in the NICU to learn to feed & to grow. Hospital regulation said they had to be 34 weeks gestation before going home. Our boys were ready at 35 weeks & that is when the real fun began!!!
In April 2012 Donna was able to get a transfer closer to home & we relocated to the Golden Isles of GA.
This is where we are as of today, Donna remains an Operations Manager & I am a stay at home mom (not to be confused with house-wife) We are getting ready to celebrate 10 years of marriage (13 years together) Raising our triplet boys, loving life & trying to cherish every moment with our loved ones.


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