Thursday, May 5, 2011

Got Milk???

I never knew it was such a hot topic, but a lot of people seem to be interested... maybe because we have 3 babies?
YES, I am breast feeding the boys.
I pump around the clock and take my milk to the hospital for them. They are too young to actually suck & swallow, so they are getting my milk through a feeding tube right now.
When we "kangaroo hold" them they do root and try to suck. It is so cute and at the same time it is interesting how instinctive they are even at a premature age.
When they are 32 weeks or around then, we will start introducing nipple feeding with a bottle, they still won't be strong enough to take the breast, but it will be nice to be able to hold them and feed them ourselves.

Here are some photos of the boys at 6 days old...



Mommy & Caden

Aunt Autumn & Caden

Mommy & Kellan

Kellan trying to find something to suck :)

Mama & Garren

Uncle Steven & Caden

Kellan on his Mama


  1. Aww that binky looks so big next to him :) You all are looking good though! Maureen Cooper was in today and I told her the good news..she was so happy for you and want me to tell you congrats and she's been thinking of you :)

  2. Ha ha ha... this is so cute. They are looking wonderful. No wonder they love their's mommies... lol
    Everyone looks wonderful.
    Love to all
    Aunt Pat & Aunt RO

  3. I love that it looks like Garren is smiling up at Donna, soooooo cute.



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