Monday, May 23, 2011

The 4 Pounder Club...

Garren has reached 4 pounds!!! When Donna went into their room this afternoon she went to Garrens crib first, thought she had the wrong baby, she had to go look at Caden to be sure she had Garren, lol... This is going to be interesting when we get them home, I thought it would be easier to tell them apart by now, but it is just getting more difficult. I am going to crochet them little bracelets with a bead that has their initial on it, I guess they will be anklets, I want to put them on their ankles so they don't try to eat them :)

The boys are doing great with their increased number of bottles. If they continue to well through tonight and tomorrow morning the they will go to all bottle feedings :)

Garren, 4 lbs!!!

Kellan, 4 lbs 0.9 oz

Caden, 4 lbs 6.9 oz
We had a great time with our new friends from Twin City Mothers of Multiples tonight!!! It is so nice to be able to talk with others that have been in our shoes and know what we are about to embark on :) Thanks ladies for welcoming us to the group!!!


  1. It's so wonderful to be able to see how great the boys are doing! Ya'll are amazing!



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