Friday, January 21, 2011

The Name Game

I was going to wait until next week for this, but it seems everyone is ready to pick or suggest some names...
We have a few names in mind, but would like to see what you all come up with.
We like original or uncommon names and their middle & last names will be Whittenburg Tilyou.
Can't wait to hear what you all come up with!!


  1. How about Caleb...Issac...and naming 3 babies is gonne be fun lol

  2. it goes...I believe that the initials are important to consider, so call me crazy call me wild, these are my thoughts..for now;
    Trane Travis Trent Tameron
    Wyatt Weylin Jared. I go for the unusual..heck my own kids names are Djaffar, Javahd, and Jahan!
    God Bless! Luv2Uboth.

  3. I just LOVE names! I pulled names from books, people I know, and ones I considered when I was pregnant. :) Here are the groups of three boy names I came up with, keeping in mind that Whittenburg Tilyou will be their middle and last names:

    Finn, Mason, Reese
    Zachary, Gabriel, Lucas
    Connor, Lance, Jacob
    Micah, Gavin, Aiden
    Quinn, Zane, Owen
    Carson, Blake, Ryder
    Maddox, Rhys, Cooper

    You both will have lots of fun picking out names for what I'm sure will be three very individual personalities. :)


  4. How about Peter, Paul, and Patrick

  5. Well, of course Aunt Ro will call them Manny, Moe and Joe. I think Aniken for baby A; Byron for baby B; and Cody for baby C.
    Have fun picking the names... we will love them whatever the name.

  6. Ok... I absolutely heart heart heart FINNLEY... Nickname Finn
    I will have to get back with you on other names!!

  7. Brayden, Peyton(also a suggestion from Donna here), Aiden. I also like Killian but not sure I'd like the

  8. I named my son Gabriel (Gabe) so I'm more old fashioned with liking the biblical names. However, I'm totally diggin' MaryB's list but would like to add Keegan (Keegs), Jaxsen (Jax), Tristan, Cade, Tyler (Ty), and Julian. I say narrow it down to a few favorites and when you look at them for the first time, you'll know. I know I did. I saw his angelic face and thought "Yep, he's my litte Gaber-baber!"
    Gabe goes to school with a ton of Brayden's, Jacob's, Austin's and Devan's. Maybe Google "most common boy names" and then you'll know which ones to stay away from. :)

  9. Although we do like some of these names, we won't be using any of them. We would just like for their names to be slightly different, not weird, but different.

  10. Donna's newest name ideas... Bud, Weis, & Er, lmao.... I think she needs to be cut off :)

  11. Here are some boy names that we liked back when we were trying to name Grant.

    Hudson, Jude, Liam, Warren....that's all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure you'll pick great names!

  12. OH i thought my friend donna was a nice girl till i saw those name's

  13. On my previous comment, I meant we won't be using any of the names on the top 100 list, I didn't mean we wouldn't be using any of your suggestions :)
    I just read it again & thought it could have been interpreted wrong.
    Keep the suggestions coming, we love seeing what you all come up with, even Manny, Moe, & Joe, lol........

  14. Ok...thought of something else to name them:
    Athos, Porthos & Aramis..."ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE"... Thee Three Muskateers... :-)
    of course there is also D'Artagan who was a Muskateer

  15. Not sure what happened to my last post, but here are my suggestions -

    Ian, Kyle, Liam.

    So if you have an idea of what the names are going to be, do you want to share?



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