Saturday, May 28, 2011

One MONTH Old!!!

I cannot believe a month has gone by already!!! I told Donna that if the next 11 months are going to go by as fast, then we need to start planning their first birthday party NOW.

Well the boys are all good, but no one is coming home tomorrow :(
Garren is dropping his oxygen levels again & Kellan is doing the same but he has also dropped his heart-rate. The doctor and the nurses agree the boys are refluxing, same thing with Caden, who has added excelerated heart-rates to his bag of tricks. They have added a little rice cereal to Kellan and Garrens milk to thicken it in hopes that that will cut down on the reflux. They did x-rays on Cadens chest and abdomen, and did an EKG to check his heart, and ran a bunch of labs. Everything came back good, his EKG just showed a fast heart-rate. So Garren they have decided to watch for a few days, Kellan is now on a 7 day countdown, & Caden is continuing on his countdown with an extra eye on his heart-rate.
We were really looking forward to bringing them home, but we really want for them to be healthy and ready when they do come home. We definitely don't want to be rushing babies back to the hospital.

On a funny note...
The boys each decided to give Donna a treat when she was changing them tonight. It started with Garren, Donna had just got his dirty diaper off and his tiny little heiny clean when he decided to poop again, lol... good thing she did have a new diaper under him, but he still managed to get his feet in it. Next up was Kellan, he didn't poop, but instead fired off some really stinky gas just when she lifted up his legs to put a new diaper under him, lmao... Then Caden decided to chime in with his extra loud poots, just as she undid his diaper. All of us were cracking up including their nurse!!!

Our sweet little stinky boys...
Garren, 4 lbs 5.5 oz
Caden, 4 lbs 14 oz
Kellan, 4 lbs 8.3 oz


  1. Im sorry they arent coming home! But Im glad that they are still healthy! xxoo

  2. Remember...lots of ups and downs!

    I had a baby that kept desating after feeds in the NICU the other day...with a heart rate of over 200...and it turned out to be reflux.

    Zachary had reflux as a baby also...he had to sleep sitting up and was on some meds. I pulled his bassinet next to my bed and placed a bouncy seat in it so he could sleep upright.

  3. So sorry here I thought I was spreading the good news than came home to this, BUT I'm GLAD that it happened there. Keep the faith
    Lots of love to you ALL



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