Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Mothers of Multiples Gathering

Last night Donna & I attended our first Mothers of Multiples gathering & we had a blast!!! I didn't mention before that when I was in the hospital, I met a woman who had had quintuplets there 6 years ago. She is a member of this group and invited us to come to this months meeting. It also turns out that she & I are from the same city, Bradenton, and attended the same high school a couple years apart. Small world huh...
We met some really great and FUN women last night and are looking forward to being apart of the group ourselves. It was nice to meet people who have been where we are and can give us some insight into the world we are about to encounter, lol.

I also had a doctors appointment yesterday, just a check up for me. Everything went well, blood pressure is still good & no protein, which means no pre-eclampsia!!! We listened to each of the babies heartbeats on a doppler and my belly measures 33 weeks (I am currently 25, ha!) We also went over my blood sugar and eating habits. My mealtime sugar levels have been good with the insulin, my fasting levels are still high so she upped my dose a little. I told her I was still having a really hard time not eating for 2 hours at a time and it was making me sick, so she told me to just check my sugar after an hour if I needed to eat again and that I should not let myself get sick or go without eating when my body says to eat.
I love my Midwife!!!

The meeting was a lovely ending to a long weekend for Donna & I. We didn't go anywhere, but did a lot right here around town. It was kind of a drearing weekend, so we shopped for the boys, found a new salon,  had portraits done, and just spent time together. Boy am I worn out now. Donna said last night she was contemplating taking today off. I told her she had to go back to work so I could rest, lol. I'm cleaning up the apartment a little today, then I'm putting my feet up until Friday, when I go back to the doctor for an ultrasound.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Impromptu Maternity Photos

Impromptu photos... We finally got haircuts yesterday, for the first time since we moved here (5 months ago) & it was probably the first time we had haircuts at the same time. Since I don't have the energy to style my hair these days, we decided we should get pictures made of the two of us before children, lol. Little did we know it would turn into a maternity photo session, but we think they came out nice and we had fun in the process :)

Here are a few of our favorites...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Donna Felt The Babies!!!

Donna finally felt the babies kick for the first time!!!

For the past couple of nights, the babies have been kicking whenever I put or rest something on my belly. So we've been trying to get Donna to feel them, but they stop kicking everytime she put her hands on my belly. Last night I put a glass of water on my belly and Donna could see when they would kick, kinda funny, great entertainment :) Now, I can not only feel them but I can see where they kick too.

It is very reassuring to be able to feel them, just lets us know they are healthy and strong :)

Not very flattering, but Donna thought this
was funny... me 24 weeks

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diabetic Care Center

So I had my first appointment with the Diabetic Care Center today, what fun!!!

I met with a woman who was very nice and seemed very concerned. However, she still didn't seem to understand my need to eat more frequently than every 2 hours. She asked me who told me I needed to eat every hour or so? I said no one, my boys dictate when I'm hungry these days and since by belly is crowded, I cannot eat a full meal in one sitting. I don't know why it is so hard to understand?!?

Anyways, my fasting glucose level is consistently too high, so she started me on insulin. I'm not really surprised or upset about that. Needles don't bother me and these are so tiny, you don't even feel them going in. I am also starting on a low dose at meals. I think this is better for me because right now I feel like I'm starving myself trying to make changes to my diet and not knowing what to really eat. People keep telling me to "just" cut out the sugar and the carbs, but it's not that simple and they don't want you to cut out carbs, they want you to evenly dispurse them throughout the day and pair them with fat and protein. It will all work out. By the time I get it figured out though I will probably be having the babies and won't have to worry about it anymore, HA!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

23 Week Growth Scan

All went well at the doctors today. The boys are all doing great, Baby A is up to 1lb 10oz & so is Baby B, Baby C is 1lb 9oz. The doctor said we have "big beautiful babies" :) We got another 4D photo of Baby A's face and we also got one finally of Baby C, Baby B however is still not cooperating, he is positioned head down & face down, so no chance of any kind of photos of him today, little stinker!

My cervix has shortened a bit more, but is still a good length. Thank goodness I started out with such a long cervix. It's down to 3cm from greater than 5cm a couple months ago.

The midwife saw us briefly today just to follow up on my hospital stay. She is setting me up with another diabetic educator from Wake Forest. She thinks they will be able to help me out a little more. Meanwhile she looked at my sugar levels from the past 2 days and said they weren't too bad.

Here are some photos of our beautiful boys :)

Baby A

Baby B, just a pic of the little stinkers heart

Baby C

Went In For 1 Problem, Came Out With 2...

I am home!!! YAY!!!

I don't have pre-eclampsia as of now :) My blood pressure has leveled out in the 120's over 60-70, of course that was on hospital bedrest, but it lets us know it can be controled. The protein in my urine turned out to be a UTI. They found the UTI the first night I was in the hospital, but had to be sure the protein was from that and not Pre-eclampsia, so we had to wait on cultures. My bloodwork all still checks out good with the exception of the low iron, but I've started taking iron for that.

In the meantime while I was in the hospital they ran several other tests that are routine in pregnancy including a glucose test. I "passed" all but the glucose test :( So now I have gestational diabetes & have to check my blood sugar 5 times a day. I'd rather give myself shots than prick my finger!!! Right now they are just monitoring it. It is very confusing for me because they want me to take my blood sugar 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, & dinner... That would be great if I wasn't eating for 4 and constantly eating... I'm not suppose to eat for those 2 hours either, which is going to be really hard for me because I don't have the room in my belly for a big meal so I eat lots of small meals & snacks. Anyways... I go to the doctor today, so maybe they can help me make sense of it, the "diabetic educator" didn't really seem to understand my circumstances, she didn't even know I was having triplets until I told her :|

So that's it, I went in for pre-eclampsia & came out with a UTI & gestational diabetes.

I'll post again later today or tomorrow about todays ultrasound and doctors visit. I can't wait to see how much the boys have grown :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hospital Update

I am still here, and not that thrilled about it!!!
Late the first night I got moved out of Labor & Delivery into Antepartum (no more screaming women.) They had me up taking vitals, listening to the babies and examining me until 1:30 in the morning, nothing like a pelvic exam at midnight! They finally gave me ambien to help me sleep, but woke me up at 5 to take a glucose test, which I only passed by one number, so I have to take the long test again in the morning,ugh...
So yesterday I was tired and miserable and to make it all worse Eason is sick, Donna woke up to him having uncontrolable bloody diarhea all over the apartment. Donna of course took care of all that and got him to the vet, but now my emotions have the better of me and I'm even more miserable. He ended up having gastroenteritis, which the vet said could be nerves or he could have eaten something, he ended up spending the night at the vet.
I spent the day trying to sleep, which never happened, having my vitals taken every 2 hours, listening to the babies every few hours, and waiting... My doctor fianlly came in and explained that all my other symptoms, blood pressure, bloodwork, vitals and whatnot are good. I have protein in my urine and I now have a UTI, so they are trying to figure out if the protein is from the UTI or pre-eclampsia? They are waiting for urine cultures to come back to figure that out, meanwhile I have to stay until they do :(
At first I thought I might enjoy a couple days relaxing here, but there is nothing relaxing about it! Last night I asked for the ambien early thinking I could get more sleep, they brought it to me about 9:30 :) At 10:30 they came in to put in an IV, the dr wanted to start fluids at midnight, WTH?! So then at midnight they came back to hang fluids, you'd think they could do it without waking me?!?! Then of course she had to take my vitals... Finally a few hours of sleep and it felt wonderful... Until 4:30am, it was time for another glucose test, but first she had to take my vitals & draw blood... 5am sharp I drank a cup full of what I think was syrup and for the next 3 hours on the hour they drew blood, I tried to sleep in between, but at 8 the nurse wanted to listen to the babies and I don't know anyone that could go back to sleep after having ice cold gel squirted all over their belly, plus that woke the babies and they gave the nurse a run for her money trying to locate and confirm 3 different heartbeats, lol.
The boys are all doing great, they are very active and all have good heart rates.
I'm just sitting here waiting for the doctor and hopfully my urine culture results along with my glucose results, praying both are fine and I can go home today.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spoke Too Soon...

Well... I'm in the hospital being "observed." Apparently my 24 hour urine sample had elevated protein. I assumed yesterday when they said everything came back good, that included the urine, but that's what I get for assuming, silly me. So far everything seems fine, my blood pressure is 130ish over 60-70ish, they take it every 15 minutes, well they were, they have cut back now. They took more blood and they are checking my urine and the babies heart rates every 4 hours. Hopefully I will get to go home tomorrow.
They didn't have any rooms available in antipartum so I am in labor & delivery. I can hear women giving birth and babies crying. They don't make it sound fun, kind of glad I'm having a c-section, lol...

Monday, March 14, 2011


Everything checked out GREAT at the doctors today!!! My blood pressure was down to 126/64, it hasn't been that low since I was 12 or 14 weeks pregnant :) There was no protein in my urine today or the 24 hour sample I collected, FUN!!! And my bloodwork came back good, the only exception was I have low iron, which the doctor said happens with most pregnancies. So, no pre-eclampsia & no stay at the hospital!!! YAY!!!

Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers.

They did a heat rate check on the boys again today too, they were all good, 150, 154, & 171. The high one makes Donna very nervous, but the doctor said he's active and it's normal for it to go up when they are moving around. It's just never been that high, so it's making her nervous. The babies have also decided to all take a transverse position, they were all either breech or head down, now they are sideways accross my belly & crammed together, the tech couldn't even tell which one was which. No wonder my ribs hurt :)

My belly measures 30 weeks & the doctor was very pleased with that :)

So thats all good news for once! We go again friday for a growth scan on the boys and hopefully that high heart rate is lower so Donna can relax a little :) I will post again then...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cervix Check (again)

Well my cervix looked great yesterday! The boys all had great heartrates too. However, I mentioned to the doctor that my feet and hands have been swelling and that sparked a series of tests... First they took my blood pressure, it was 146/86... not good. Then they did a urinalysis & found a trace of protein... not good either :( Then they sent me for bloodwork and I have to collect my urine for 24 hours & go back on Monday for the results. They are checking for preeclampsia. If I have it, I will have to go into the hospital.
I will post again Monday after my doctors appt.

Friday, March 4, 2011

21 Week Growth Scan

Well everything went great at the boys check up today, They re-checked their anatomy and they are all still boys :) They all had heartrates in the 150's. Baby A & B weigh 1 pound 1 ounce, Baby C weighs 1 pound. The doctor said he couldn't ask for them to grow any more evenly or any better.

They are still watching my cervix weekly. They do 2 measurements, the regular length and a compressed length. This week both the measurements were the same, and they were consistent with last weeks compressed measurement. So it has actually shorted ever so slightly, but the doctor said he is not concerned, but will check it again next week. At this point if it does shorten I will be put in the hospital, it is too late for a cerclage now.

Baby A, as usual, gave us lots of poses and another good photo op for a 4D photo, Baby B was facing my back and would not turn his head for a photo at all, Baby C gave us a nice profile shot but would not turn his head towards the camera either. So I think we only have 1 supermodel on our hands :)

4D photo of Baby A

Baby B didn't want his photo taken today
so this is the best one we got of him

Profile of Baby C
He didn't want to look at the camera either

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Couple Of Pups Feeling Left Out

So Haddie & Eason have not been mentioned on our blog & are feeling a bit left out, so here are a couple of photos of them and their contributions to the triplets...

Haddie & Eason

My sister sent up this bouncer with my
mom, Haddie sniffed it over & under
looking for Chandler, when she couldn't
find him she got in it, like she could
find him better that way, lol...

Taking a snooze on my body pillow


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