Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016 Summer Bucket List

Well we are now 4 weeks into our summer break & im already slacking on blogging more. It's not completely my fault though. My phone flipped out & had to be replaced, once I got my new phone up & running I could no logger find the blogger app I used to upload photos. I found a different app but it hasn't been working very well. I spent quite some time uploading our vacation photos only to go to the computer & they not be there, grrr!

Anyways, while I sort that out I thought I should go ahead & post our Summer Bucket List. As I mentioned in a previous post, I hoped for an ultra chill first few weeks but it didn't work out that way so I'm trying to plan out the rest of our summer to fit everything in & not get totally overwhelmed by these 3 boys that keep me going non-stop.

1. Grow a vegetable garden
2. Pick Blueberries
3. Go to Kennedy Space Center, aka see space rockets
4. Climb mountains
5. FIND sharks teeth!!!
6. Go bowling
7. Zoo Nights
8. Go to a drive in theater
9. Make fancy bird/fairy houses
10. Take a family vacation
11. Go fishing 
12. Ride water slides
13. Go camping
14. Take a family vacation
15. Hang out with our triplet BFFs!!!
16. Check out 2 new State Parks
17. Make paper mache' planets

We've had a head start on some of these but I won't check them off without a recap report first. 

Hope you are all enjoying you summer so far & look forward to seeing you SBL posts!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Well we are a week into our Summer break (obviously posting much later... like 3.5 weeks into summer break) & have started it off with a bang! There's no easing into it with these boys! It took them exactly 2.5 days of being on break before they started asking about their friends & literally crying to see them. So my idea of taking it easy & staying low key until we headed on vacation went right out the window & we were off & running...

Monday to have lunch with Donna & then to the zoo...

Tuesday to their favorite playground...

Wednesday to the beach...

Thursday to TWO malls, new shoes x3 & a phone replacement...

Friday back to one mall & then to the pool & THEN to a birthday party...

Saturday to a friends pool...

Sunday to the movies & back to friends pool...

Monday to Fort Clinch for some shark tooth hunting...

Tuesday I finally had to reel it in so I could catch up on laundry & start packing for our vacation.

Now, to just reach our destination & RELAX!!!...

The End of T-Ball Season

Our first season of T-ball was interesting to say the least! All 3 of the boys wanted to sign up & play. Garren was all in all the time. Caden & Kellan struggled with wanting to participate/staying on the field, then with tackling each other for the ball (maybe football would be a better sport for them) but they all finally got the hang of the game & really grew a lot in terms of learning the game, participating & even focusing a little. I think their favorite part of the season was the end though, when they received trophies. Now, they all say they want to play again next year but we will see when the time comes who really wants to do it again.




The boys all expressed an interest in playing football this fall but after the resistance & inconsistency of wanting to participate in T-ball we were hesitant to sign them up for such an expensive new sport. They all would like to play soccer again too, since they are familiar with soccer we decided to go back to that this fall & see where they are in the spring again.

I had great intentions of adding some photos of the boys receiving their trophies but my phone froze up & had to be traded in but not before I completely wiped it out of all 5000 photos & all over info that would have been nice to have saved, ugh...

Monday, May 23, 2016

VPK Graduation

It is so hard to believe that the boys' first school year has already come to an end. It was a long school year in some aspects but it also flew by. The boys have grown & learned so much over the past 9 months. They loved school, their teachers & their friends but drop off was hard every single day until about 6 weeks ago or so. They started VPK knowing their shapes, colors, letters & numbers (up to 10) & finished knowing so SO much more. I'm usually entertained in the car by them coming with compound words or doing math equations. Caden loves to show us how high he can count, I think he's up to 160+. They know lots of sight words & are sounding out words beginning to read. They know their months, seasons, & how many days are in a year. They learned about the planets, fruits vs vegetables, all about their teeth & lots of other stuff. They are all social butterflies & think everyone they meet is their friend. 

Kellan, Caden, & Garren, the last day of school.

Their classmates

Caden, Garren & Kellan with their teacher, Mrs Inez.

Caden, Garren, & Kellan with their beloved asst teacher, Ms Justine.

The boys' graduation was the very next day. They were so excited leading up to it! They each learned a line for graduation & a dance routine to the song What I Am. They also sang a song in Spanish.

Here they are walking in to receive their diplomas...



Walking across the stage...




All Graduated!
Caden, Garren, & Kellan with Mrs Inez
(We didn't get an after picture with Ms Justine because her oldest graduated too & she was busy with him)
 From NICU Grads to VPK Grads, here's the best photo of the whole year!

Kellan, Garren, Caden


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