Tuesday, October 21, 2014

41/52; Together!

I couldn't decide which photo I liked better so here are both.

Crossing the "shake shake bridge, TOGETHER!"

The weather here has been pretty nice for the past week, maybe even 2 weeks. We have been venturing back to the playground more since we are no longer being scortched with 95+ degree weather. The boys love being outside even if they are pretend cooking instead of running & climbing :)

"Cooking pizza, TOGETHER!"

I seriously can't wait until we close on our house & get moved in so the boys can spend all day outside if they want!

On this particular day at the park the boys were doing everything "together!" as they would yell as they all came down the slide all at once, or crossed what they deemed the "shake shake bridge" thank you Thomas, lol. It was very cute & I especially enjoy their extra triplet-ish days :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

21 Weeks In; New Color

There's not much to report this week except that the house has been repainted & we LOVE the new color!!! 

We have our final walk through this coming Wednesday. There are just a couple things from our first walk through left to be done so I think it will all be good by Wednesday. 

We were scheduled to close this coming week but the lender is behind so it may be next week before we close. All parties are hoping the closing happens before the end of the month so keep your fingers crossed the lender gets it together by then.

Love love LOVE the new paint color!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday; A Day To Bring Awareness

Wonderful Wednesday Series
We NEED more positive in this world. It does not have to be elaborate, though that is always welcome, and can be a simple picture or a short few sentences of something, someone, anything, that you think is wonderful. If you feel inclined to do the same, be sure to leave a link to your Wonderful Wednesday in the comment section so others may enjoy it as well!

This month is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. At our first ultrasound appointment just a week after our first round of IVF the ultrasound reveled we were expecting twins, but just a few days later I started to having some bleeding. I went back in for another ultrasound & one of the babies did not have a heartbeat. The other baby was fine & we were told my body would sort it out. Fast forward 2 weeks to our 8 week ultrasound & everything with baby A was fine. 

On August 1st, 2010 we headed in for our 12 week ultrasound, it was just before lunchtime so we planned to go out for a nice lunch afterwards to celebrate our 12 milestone & then to BRU to start our baby registry. Our plans & happiness were short lived though when the ultrasound showed our baby no longer had a heartbeat. We left in silence & in tears, we drove an hour home & Donna headed to work (her way of coping) she also made the difficult phone calls to all our parents. I spoke to no one.

I had to decide if I wanted to wait & let my body miscarry naturally, if I wanted to have a d&c, or if I wanted to induce the miscarriage with medication. I chose to let my body figure it out on its own. I thought that posed the least amount of risk on my already fertility challenged body & also would be the best way to process the grief. 

I felt very very alone that afternoon. Many people knew of our fertility challenges & that we had proceeded with IVF, our friends & family & coworkers anxiously awaited the good news that we were finally pregnant & celebrated our victory after 2 years of trying to conceive. What did we say to everyone now?

The rest of this story is long & full of details no one really wants to read about on a 'Wonderful Wednesday' post. We made it through the longest, hardest month of our lives (at the time) & went on to conceive 3 of the most perfect miracles on earth. 

What is Wonderful is what happened after we did tell all of our friends & family what had happened. Family members, friends, coworkers, clients, acquaintances all reached out & shared their stories of loss & their stories of going on & having healthy babies. They mourned with us & encouraged us to keep trying. It was these women who gave me the confidence that I would have a healthy baby next time. 

At the time I did not know there was a Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month or even a Day of Remembrance. I think it is important though, important for women & their spouses to know they aren't alone, it's not their fault & that many of us share their grief.

This is for all the babies that have gone too soon from miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.
Our love & prayers are with you & your families.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

They're Back!!!

Donna's parents travel to NY every summer to escape the FL heat & spend time with family in their hometowns. We typically go for a visit halfway through the summer but didn't this year since we were in the midst of having a house build.

Her parents got back (to FL) a couple of weeks ago & we had planned to go see them for the weekend but I had a stomach bug, Caden had a mysterious high fever & Garren & Kellan came down with colds after having over active allergies for a week. So we thought it was best for all of us possibly contagious family members to stay home & Donna just went for a quick overnight visit.

This weekend we finally all made it down to see Grandma & Grandpa & we had a blast! It was another quick overnight visit due to our 'pre-homeowner walk through' at the house but it was perfect really. We weren't there long enough for the boys to get bored nor were we there long enough for the boys to start getting on anyone's nerves :) 

We drove down Saturday morning & arrived about lunchtime. The boys had catnapped during the ride so we didn't have to worry about naps. They were super excited to see grandma & grandpa & their pups. We visited for a while & ate an early supper before the boys were ready to go OUTSIDE. 

Caden came flying out of the back door like he had been fired out of a cannon & ran non stop all over the yard, around & around the house...

First up was 'tractor rides' on the riding mower around the yard. As much as all 3 of the boys wanted o ride together MomMoms lap just isn't big enough anymore so they each had to take turns. Caden was still running circles so he just followed behind the mower as his brother had their turns riding.

After riding on the mower Kellan & Caden found a good supply of dirt to play in, while they entertained themselves with that MomMom hooked up a cart to the back f the mower & pulled Garren around in that for a while. 

Once the boys were good & covered in dirt we hooked up a sprinkler & stripped the boys down, well those who weren't already stripped down to their underwear & they played in the water for a good long time. Caden continued to run & run & run, lol...

Once it got close to the boys regular dinner time we took them in for a bath & made them some dinner. They devoured their dinners & played a little more before it was bedtime. For the first time ever at grandma & grandpas house all 3 of the boys went to bed without any fuss. 

Sunday morning we visited some more, the boys played in the house & on the porch with grandma & grandpa before we had lunch & had to get back on the road to head home. The good news is, they will only be about 3 hours away from our new house when we get moved :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

20 Weeks In; Pre-Homeowner Walk Through

So it's really hard to tell what was accomplished this week but there were a few things done starting with the rain gutters. There were also some closet doors replaced because the originals came in busted & the attic access was trimmed up & finished off nicely. 

Friday afternoon we had our 'pre-homeowner walk through' there weren't any major concerns, well one I guess. One of the windows had a small crack in it, it will be replaced. The rest was just little stuff, marks in the walls, smudges on a door & miscellaneous stuff. So there is a small list of things to be taken care of in addition to the front of the house being repainted. We finally decided to go with the color that coordinated with the siding, we wanted to keep out door & shutter color though so our request had to be approved. It was now they just have to get the painters back over there :)

Gutter installers in action...

House with gutters... I know, you can't tell, lol

Donna & I have been shopping around & looking for furniture for the new house, we finally made all our final selections & got our orders placed. It looks like everything should be arriving within a week of us moving in. Good timing I think :)

We were scheduled to close by the builder on Oct 15th, our lender had us down for the 25th, that's a Saturday & the lender won't be doing that so now they have us down to close on the 22nd. Hopefully they stick to that & we have no other delays because we had to give a 60 day notice to the apartment complex & we are suppose to be out by the 31st! 

We are super excited to move into the house but not so excited to pack with 3, 3 year olds running around :-/ my sister is going p keep the boys while we are moving though so that should be much easier :) If you're free the afternoon of October 25th & in the area, PLEASE feel free to come by & help!!! We'll supply the beer & pizza :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday; Same Sex Marriage

Wonderful Wednesday Series
We NEED more positive in this world. It does not have to be elaborate, though that is always welcome, and can be a simple picture or a short few sentences of something, someone, anything, that you think is wonderful. If you feel inclined to do the same, be sure to leave a link to your Wonderful Wednesday in the comment section so others may enjoy it as well!

Although it hasn't passed in Georgia yet & it's pending appeal in Florida, the progress that has been made so far in our nation is WONDERFUL!!! 

Check out these graphics from Freedom To Marry that show the progress that has been made just this week :)



And it's only Wednesday!!!


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