Sunday, March 1, 2015

Keeping Busy Fundraising

The boys & I's birthdays are just 3 days apart in April. Last year after losing my Dad in March, I just wasn't in partying mood, so we skipped birthday parties. Don't get me wrong, we did celebrate the boys' birthday we just did it quietly. 

I had wanted to do something to honor my dad instead of having a party last year. I found Relay for Life but was a little late to the game so I decided that we would participate this year. It really worked out great for this year, as our local Relay is in March (the anniversary of my Dads passing & not on our actual birthdays, leaving us time for a party this year. It also freed up a little time for another cause that is near & dear to our hearts, The March of Dimes.

For years Donna & I have supported The March of Dimes, long before we ever became the parents to 3 preemies & many many years before we knew what they actually did. I mean we knew they did research & stuff to help & prevent prematurity but had no idea that they actually developed advances & therapies to help save the lives of all the babies born too soon.

It wasn't until I delivered our triplets 11 weeks prematurely that I actually understood what The March of Dimes was all about. I was proud that we had been great supporters all those years before & knew we would continue to support the research & development done to help expectant moms & premature babies.

Over the past few years we have found it difficult to make it to a walk, there were't any in our current city(ies) & traveling to a city near by while trying to stick to a triplet schedule proved to be too much, though we were always there in spirit & still made our donations. 

Last year I decided would be the last year we didn't make it to a walk, the boys would be nearly 4 this year & I wanted to not only show our support but show our appreciation. So on April 18th we will walk, with our 29 week miracles & show our support, gratitude & proof of the miracles The March of Dimes makes possible :)

If you'd like to join or support us in our walk, you can do so by clicking on The March of Dimes gadget near the top, right of the page or for Relay for Life click here.

You can also support either of our fundraisers by participating in our online  Jamberry Nails Fundraiser, where 40% of all sales will be donated to The American Cancer Society & The March of Dimes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything written. It's not that I haven't tried or had anything to write about but I've been in an emotional funk & just haven't been able to finish anything without having an emotional breakdown. Since my sister is experiencing the same emotions I'm going to assume it's normal for this stage in grieving.

I thought once we got through the holidays things would ease up emotionally but January brought Donna & her dad's birthdays, their birthday gathering last year was the last time I spent with my dad outside of a hospital. February brought the anniversary of when he was first hospitalized & the last time I saw my dad conscious. Next month on the 8th it will be one year since we let him go.

It doesn't feel like it could possibly have been a year already. Birthdays, holidays & special occasions of the past year are all a blur. It doesn't seem like we could have spent & celebrated all of those occasions without him but according to the calendar, I guess we have.

I still cannot utter the words out loud that my dad is gone. I had an appointment with a new doctor to get my prescription refilled & when she asked why o took them, my throat just closed up & the tears fell. I sort of knew that would be my reaction since that is what has happened all along, so i had a note saved in my phone explaining the circumstances. I must have startled her because she gave me 11 refills, I guess she doesn't want to have to ask again for a while, lol...

I'm not just sitting at home in a puddle of my own tears though. We are living life, settling in, moving forward & growing.

Donna is accustomed to her new commute already, although we haven't mastered the art of lunch packing quite yet, lol. She's loving having projects to work on around the house & is constantly thinking about building something for this & something for that :)

The boys & I have joined the YMCA. I so wish we would have had one close to us all this time because it is amazing! I knew a little mommy (workout) time would be good for me but the Y staff take it very seriously! Drop your kids & go, if the boys (one in particular) are having a hard time with it, they take care of it. I was escorted out of the playroom while someone else distracted him, haha. The trainer told me, if you have a rough morning & you don't want to workout, drop the kids in childcare & go sit by the pool or in the lobby & read, have a cup of coffee, chill out. I originally thought that would look so bad but they really mean it & I've seen a mom or 2 on bad days do exactly that. I haven't yet because working out honestly makes me feel better than sitting it out and we've got a beach house reserved in May, I would really prefer to be comfortable & not self conscious in my bathing suit this year.

The boys are awesome! Caden & Kellan are currently not going to speech therapy. We were trecking back to Brunswick for therapy every week. Garren was discharged so he was just spending an hour waiting on his brothers. Caden had become extremely bored with therapy & was refusing to go, before this he was meeting his goals & Kellan was meeting his goals also so instead of forcing the issue I decided to give them a break. Their articulation is age appropriate & they are talking which was the original obstacle we were having. They still have a little work to do with language skills but I felt like they would get better with those skills by being around, participating & interacting with other kids & people. All they were doing in therapy was flash card work, I completely understand why they were bored! So we fill our weeks with time at the Y, storytime & arts/crafts at the libraries, playgroup, events at the museums, zoo, lighthouse or anywhere else something fun comes up. I'm not opposed to them going back into speech therapy at some point but I'm thinking that I will see what their new pediatrician thinks at their next well check & let him make the referral.

So there is my excuse & brief update & I will get caught up with all of our goings on soon :)

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