Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Project 52; Kepping busy indoors during a rainy week.

The boys turned the sofa & cushions into their own personal gymnastics course.

A visit to see Mom Mom at work resulted in Garren confiscating these funny sunglasses from her office.

I set up the boys tent in the living room for them to lounge & watch movies from.

No rainy week blues here! :)

Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter is a bit of a nostalgic holiday for me, especially when it falls in late April like it did 3 years ago. Easter of 2011 I was in the ante-partum ward of Forsyth Medical Center going on my 3rd week of hospital bed rest & trying to keep the boys cooking on the inside for as long as I could. Little did I know that after celbrating my birthday the next day, 3 short days later, I'd be meeting our precious boys in person!

It's so hard to believe that was 3 years ago, sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, yet sometimes it feels like an eternity ago. It's even harder to believe that in just one week we will have three 3 year olds!!!

Onto this Easter...

Like the past 2 Easters, we spent the day with my mom & bonus dad at their house. The weather here has been cold & rainy for the past few days including yesterday, so hunting Easter eggs outside was pretty much out of the question. It didn't keep us from doing other fun Easter things though like coloring Easter eggs. This was the boys first time coloring eggs & I wasn't sure what to expect? They loved it! They couldn't dye the eggs enough & ended up coloring already colored eggs over & over again... We ended up with some very interesting colored eggs, lol. They didn't make as much of a mess as I had expected but Garren did like to drop his eggs in the dye from about 8" above the cup, so we had some splashes & some dribbles when transferring the eggs but no spills :)

Garren, Grandma, Kellan, Mom Mom, & Caden

Grandma looks like she may be reconsidering that this was a good idea, lol...

Not too awful for being dyed multiples times in random colors :)

My mom cooked up a delicious feist of ham, devil end eggs, au gratin potatoes, cauliflower salad (like potato salad but with cauliflower, it's super yummy!) baked beans, rolls & of course a couple of pies. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore & then, we had desert! The boys actually ate really well this year, ham has been kind of hit & miss among the boys but Garren & Caden ate a bunch of it this year (Kellan still doesn't eat much meat at all) they all ate olives & deviled eggs, the veggies were hit & miss amongst each of them but we were able to get them to try a bite of each (veggies aren't an issue for them, they just prefer green veggies) Everything was amazingly good & my mom sent us home with enough food for the week!

Papa, Grandma & Bella, their new puppy

I took a ton of pictures, I even remembered my camera for once but for some unfortunate reason nothing saved & when I went to upload the photos I just got solid black files :( I did happen to take a few photos of the boys coloring Easter eggs with my phone thankfully & one photo of just my parents (the boys couldn't sit still for a photo with grandma & grandpa) but that was it :(
I'm hoping I just need a new SD card & not a whole new camera, although I wouldn't complain about a new one since my DSLR is 7-ish years old now & pretty outdated.

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter too with your loved ones! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Friday Fun!

On Friday mornings the boys have speech therapy.

{Did I ever mention that somehow Garren got approved for speech therapy too? The speech therapist doesn't even really know how the insurance approved him with his evaluation score but they did, we're already there & it can't hurt, so he's been getting in on the action too.}

So Fridays are speech day & since we have started speech at the new place my mom has been coming out every couple weeks & hanging out with us. It's been pretty fun, we have lunch & then hit up some poor unsuspecting store with the boys, like Joann's where I can never take the boys by myself without them dismantling the store. 

This past Friday my mom treated us to lunch at a place we hadn't been to yet. We set up the boys at a table & looked over the menu. My mom went to place the order, while she was at the counter ordering the boys got super excited & started calling for her across the restaurant, 3 boys yelling "GRANDMA..." at the top of their lungs, lol... We were only the second people to arrive for lunch so the restaurant wasn't full but all the employees & the elderly couple there thought is was hilarious, so did the boys! 

I think, or at least I hope Grandma felt a little extra special & not too embarrassed by all the attention :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Potty Training & Avoiding Public Restrooms

I don't know about other triplet families or families with multiple children period, but potty time in this house is chaos! One of the boys will decided they have to potty & all 3 head to the bathroom. One will decide between the toilet or the potty chair, meanwhile one is already flushing the toilet while the third is either running the water in the sink or the bath tub. All the while I am trying to get to the bathroom in time to make sure the one who actually had to pee is aiming correctly & not peeing all over the toilet or the floor.

With this much chaos at home I shutter at the thought of taking the boys into a public bathroom! I was actually adventurous enough to take them all into the restroom at the speech therapists office & I'm pretty sure not only did everyone in the waiting area hear us but the entire office heard me hollering at the boys to "get out of the trash," "turn off the water," "leave the toilet paper alone," & my favorite "get your hand out of the toilet while your brother is peeing!"

I've kept a potty chair in the van since Garren started potty training a few months ago because he wasn't saying when he had to go when we were out, so I just had to have him try in between stops. Kellan has always been great about telling us when he has to go, but to avoid taking 3 kids into a public bathroom by myself I have each of the boys potty before we head into wherever we are, especially the playground! It never fails that one of the boys is always at the very top of the playground when another announces he has to go potty :-/

So that's my solution to avoiding dirty public restrooms & public restroom chaos, a potty chair in the van. Also a surplus of restaurant napkins/paper towels/baby wipes to wipe out the potty chair after emptying it (I park near a grassy median & dump the urine there) & some hand sanitizer to keep the good hygiene going. :)

Happy potty training to everyone else out there who's going through it right now! :)

Friday, April 11, 2014


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