Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sea Turtle Release

I've been dying to take the boys to a Sea Turtle Release since we moved back to this coast 3 years ago now. We lived close to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center when we lived in GA, we aren't super far from it now even though we've crossed the state line into FL. The GSTC rehabilitates injured or sick sea turtles & also educates people about them & their environment. We took the boys when they were barely a year old & I've been trying to catch a release since then. They do not announce the releases early as they don't want to draw a huge crowd, so it's usually  the night before a morning release or the morning of an afternoon release. Tricky when you've got toddlers to work with, not as tricky with preschool aged children :) 

So tuesday night just as I was about to log of fb & go to bed I got a notification from a local page I follow, it was a post that there would be 3 sea turtles released the next morning at Main Beach at 10am. WooHoo, that was totally doable for the boys & I and the boys have been asking to go to the beach, so a win win! 

Garren was very into seeing the turtles, he wanted to pet them & "hold them in his hand." lol. Caden & Kellan were just stoked to go to the beach! We happened to pull up behind the turtle transport van at a light just as we got onto the island & followed them the rest of the way. There were a good amount of spectators already on the beach, mostly retirees since kids were in school. There were a couple people from the Sea Turtle Center telling people about the turtles & law enforcement explaining how the release would happen, where to stand & warning not to get into the turtles path.

"Turtle Road" going to the water

view from the water

the boys collecting sea shells & sharing with another kid

I think the boys might have been just as much a spectacle as the turtles

GIANT bubbles!!!

sea turtle #1

sea turtle #2

so beautiful!

sea turtle #3

I absolutely adore these creatures!

Once they release the turtles they wait to see them flap a fin to make sure they are going the right direction, it's hard to catch it in the video but this is how it went down, one turtle at a time :)

playing in the waves between turtle watching

G... maybe not so big

C & G

Kellan found a baby crab

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Project 52; Week 16

My beach babies have transformed into beach boys, 
where oh where has the time gone?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Project 52: Week 15

We went back to regular naps a couple months ago, the boys just can't make it through the day without napping, not everyday anyways. So they nap most days & we save no nap days for special occasions, day trips or events.  
I like it when they sleep :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Finally Made It!

Donna finally caught a break at work & we made it down to Orlando to see my bonus mom & Donna's parents. We headed down Saturday morning only making a slight detour for Krispy Kreme donuts. (I don't know why the interstate isn't lined with KK, lol)

We got to my bonus mom's just before lunch time. The boys got a big surprise when we arrived, their cousins Clark & Tucker were at Grandma's along with Aunt Meg & Uncle Aaron of course. 

My bonus mom has been working on a paver patio in her backyard most of the winter & now spring. I can't believe she took such a huge & labor intensive project on herself but she's a good example of what a little determination will get you. She tore out all the sod, put in drains, pressure cleaned & painted the fence, leveled the entire backyard, re-did the flower beds & layed the majority of the pavers herself. She's had a little help here & there but overall she's done most of it herself. Well we showed up just in time to cut the pavers that needed cut to finish off the patio. Our brother in law was building a fire place for her.
Donna cutting pavers

Garren helping Uncle Aaron mix cement

Caden's turn to help

So while we were all busy outside the kids all kept themselves busy playing inside, and outside a bit too. It's fun to see them all at ages that they can play together. Clark is 6 & Tucker just turned 5. I really enjoyed seeing them all play without much intervening from any of the adults. When it was time for lunch they all sat together, 3 at the table & 2 at the counter. Clark sat at the counter first & as the others got up to the table Garren decided he was big like his oldest cousin & he sat at the counter too. After lunch the boys all played some more & watched a movie.

Tucker, Kellan & Caden

Clark & Garren

Kellan, Clark, Tucker & Caden

Caden, Kellan, Clark & Tucker
In case you're wondering where Garren was, he was being a busy body, inside playing, outside helping, inside dragging more toys out, outside "helping" again...

Once Aaron got the fireplace set up he, Meg & their boys had to head back home. Soon after they left rain clouds starting rolling in & it started thundering so we cleaned up for the night with plans to finish it up Sunday morning. We were suppose to head to Donna's parents Sunday though, so Donna called her mom & dad to see if they could come to Marie's instead, allowing us to finish up but still get to spend some time with them. They agreed & we had lunch & a good visit Sunday afternoon before we had to head home too. It was a short visit but we learned that her parents won't be doing the snowbird thing back & forth between FL & NY anymore, they'll be here year round now. We always miss them over the summer so it will be nice to be able to visit them a little more. Donna & I have actually discussed me taking the boys down to see their grandparents during the week every so often this summer while she's working so they get to see more of them. I hate being away & they miss her like crazy when she works late or has to be gone overnight so we'll see how it goes, I know all the grandparents would enjoy it though.

Donna's Mom & Dad


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