Thursday, July 2, 2015

Poor Pitiful Haddie Mae

Our 8 year old Haddie Mae had to have a few tumors removed 2 weeks ago. We found the first one on her hip 2 Christmases ago. It was the size of a grape at the time & our vet then didn't think it was any cause for concern. He aspirated it & it just looked like a fatty tumor. Fast forward a year, we're getting ready to move & took the pups in to make sure they were up to date on everything they needed before the move, NOW the vet wants to talk surgery to remove the now baseball sized tumor. We were literally moving the next day, the vet said it was not life threatening but urged us to have it done with the new vet as soon as we could. Well moving & kids & holidays & kids & birthdays & kids &... we finally got all Haddie's (& the other four legged creatures) records sent to the new vet. Haddie had yet another bladder infection she needed to get cleared up & she was finally ready for surgery. The tumor was now the size of a grapefruit & we were told the surgery would be rough as far as recovery went. because of the size of the tumor, it would leave a significant void which would naturally want to retain fluid & fluid could lead to infection, so Haddie would have to be on crate rest until the incision healed & she got her stitches out. YIKES!

Eason waiting for his sister on surgery day...

Haddie did well in surgery, she did well enough that they were able to go ahead & clean her teeth while she was still under. The vet had to remove a significant amount of excess skin though so Haddie came home with a couple of drains in addition to too many stitches to count. The girl was pretty pitiful for a few days.

Poor pitiful Haddie Mae

The boys asked where her butt went, lol...

Haddie managed to get both drains & a few stitches puled out the first night, so she won herself a trip back to the vet & 6 staples, evenly distributed between her hip & chest incisions. She also won an e-collar to keep her from chewing anything else. The cone as we called it actually helped keep her pretty calm, who could run or jump with that big ol' thing on your head, lol...

The rest of the 10 days were pretty uneventful, lots of love, cuddles & extra treats were given. The boys even gave her some extra lovin being super careful not to tough her incisions. She did get a little spunky one day & over did it a little but she realized it that evening when she didn't feel so hot anymore & remained calm again until it was stitch removal day. We took her in Saturday to have the stitches removed & didn't realize until Sunday that they forgot to take the stitches on her chest out, oops! So Monday she went back one more time. She's back to her loud, sassy self & is making up for lost time chasing Eason & the kitty cats around the house :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mall Fun

A couple weeks ago Donna noticed the boys were trying to wear sandals that were too small, she told then thy needed new sandals & Caden immediately said "dinosaur crocs with lights"
It took me a few minutes to figure out what he was talking about & finally remembered that they had seen light up dinosaur crocs at a store in Savannah several weeks prior. I looked for them online but they were discontinued & I couldn't find anyone with their size let alone 3 pair :/
Caden didn't drop it though, the next day he asked if we were going to get dinosaur crocs with lights, at first I thought we'd drive up & just see if they still had them, maybe convince them to pick something else if not. Then I though, be smart & call... low & behold they not only had their size but they had 3! So we made the 2 hour drive to Savannah for "dinosaur crocs with light." I mean how do you not when your child remembers so specifically & the store actually has 3 pair in the right size?!?

"Dinosaur crocs with lights"

Well since we were there we went ahead & made an afternoon out of it, We did a little more shopping, played at the mall playground, & finally let the boys jump on the bungy/trampoline thing they'd seen several times before. 

They've asked the last few times they have seen these things at the mall but we weren't sure they were big/old enough & there was always a line. This time there was no line & the mall was rather empty so we gave it a go. Much to our surprise, Kellan the most apprehensive of the 3 wanted to go first! Darren, who is normally a little daredevil second guessed going. We though once he saw his brothers go he would want to, he wavered back & forth but ultimately he chose NOT to try it. Caden & Kellan both LOVED it, Kellan actually took Garrens turn also & the man running it graciously gave Caden a little extra time as well



Playgroup Fun

My sister hosts a playgroup, in the summer they meet at her community pool. Since they boys love being in the pool so much & love playing with their cousins we decided to join in on the fun. It is a pretty big crowd & the boys really do enjoy playing with everyone however they were pretty disappointed when they learned that Chandler wouldn't be there this year (he is going to a VPK summer course) 

G, C, K at Aunt Autumns pool

Luckily we had a family dinner planned at our house that weekend so they got to hang out with Chandler & Nadia then :)



Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Learning to Ride Bikes

We promised the boys new bikes for their birthday. I sold the tricycles they had outgrown & the balance bikes they had gotten too tall for at our last yard sale in March. They still had their scooters & were content riding them, but the constant reminders from neighbor kids riding their bikes was getting to be too much. 

The only thing really delaying the process was finding 3 of the same bikes without spending a small fortune. I figure these bikes will only be good for a year or so & then they will be too tall again so we really didn't want to spend a ton on them. Even though each of the boys wanted a different bike, we have learned from experience to just get 3 of the same or they will inevitably fight over them. We push the "YOU chose this one" issue but it doesn't help, so we like to just get 3 of the same. Well a couple weeks ago I finally found 3 bikes at toys r us & they were on sale! I ordered them immediately & a couple days later when the weather was a perfect 97 degrees followed by a week of 102+ degree days, the bikes arrived, lol...

Garren in front & Caden

Garren had caught on to the concept of peddling with his tricycle but Caden & Kellan were never interested enough to put forth the effort. So riding these bikes was a learning process. Our children are apparently not very coordinated. They would peddle but not steer or steer but stop peddling, lol... Garren got the whole thing figured out rather quickly & has been flying up & down the sidewalk since. Caden got it figured out within a day & is cruising around too but not quite as fast as our little speed racer. Kellan has not been a fan of the heat, he has the peddling part down but hasn't gotten his coordination down quite yet. He doesn't give it more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time though before he wants out of the heat.


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