Monday, September 21, 2015

Summer Bucket List Wrap-up

Well, my original Summer Bucket List post is MIA. I don't quite understand where some posts disappear too but anyways...

The last thing we had left to do on our SBL was landscaping & it's still a work in progress. Between the heat & the rain we've had very little time to actually get anything completely done. I had however accumulated several plants & a couple trees that we were going to use & reached a point of just having to get them into the ground. So one afternoon I posted on our neighborhood fb page that I had 9 free shrubs for the first person to show up with shovels & dig them up. Strangely it worked & within an hour a lady showed up with her teenaged children & they happily dug up the shrubs & hauled them off to their house, which left me with perfect holes to place our new plants in. It made my part rather easy & quick. I was able to pop all the plants in, in just that evening & put finishing touches on them the next morning. We have not had a chance to put in edging or stones yet though.

The hibiscus I just about killed

We kind of have the same scenario going on in the back yard... a collection of plants & trees we'd like to plant but the rain is keeping us from doing much about it. I did however transplant some of the plants that needed more space into bigger pots for the time being.

Our favorite, the purple passion flower

That completes our 2015 Summer Bucket List, I'll post an update when we actually get the landscaping finished.

So, is anyone considering an Autumn bucket list? I feel like now that the boys are in school I need a list to fit everything in or at least to remember everything :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Project 52; Week 35

Birthday Party Fun!!!
Garren, C, Kellan, Caden & B celebrating their friends,
August & Liam's birthday with a train ride around the neighborhood.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pre-K This & That's

  • One of the boys' classmate's dad is a triplet. I met him at the Open House before school started & he seemed to just feel sorry for us, lol...

  • The boys also have a little girl in their class with the same name as their Aunt 'Autumn.' They think that is so funny!

  • The school provides lunch! Free! How awesome is that?! I didn't know & I packed lunches the first day. That's when I was informed that they provided lunch & that if I wanted them to have something different I had to get approval from the director. I'm down with free lunches made & served by someone other than myself! LOL

  • New phrase #1 picked up from school: "That's so RUDE!"

  • I got another student's classwork by accident the other day, he/she is not participating in class work either. I feel better knowing it's not just our boys.

  • Caden told me his friend, Brandon cries in class for his mommy. That also makes me feel better knowing the boys are not alone in their emotional state.

  • New phrase #2 picked up from school: "That's not fair!"

  • New phrase #3: "You hurt my feelings!"

  • While chit chatting with the boys' teacher one afternoon I mentioned that I'm still a SAHM & that if she ever needed help with activities or projects that I'd be happy to help. She looked at the boys as they spun circles around me & responded "We'll let you rest." LOL!!! She then said that she would sign me up as the 'brownie mom.' I get to make brownies for their special event days. Donna loves the idea & now thinks that every Friday should be brownie day at home. lol

  • New phrase #4 & by far my least favorite: "I don't like you"

  • It took the boys exactly 24 days (of the 28 day adjustment period given) to adjust to their new routine. Friday Kellan woke up & said to me "I'm going to say goodbye to you today" I asked if that meant he wasn't going to cry. He answered "nope, when it gets light outside I'm going to put my clothes on & go to school, I'm going to write my name & I'm going to tell you goodbye." He did exactly that. I feared it wouldn't last through the long weekend but Monday he asked if they were going to school again, I told him "tomorrow." He told me again that he was going to tell me goodbye... and he did.  I was pretty sure that Garren & Caden were feeding off of Kellan's anxiety over being dropped off, neither of them have had any tears since Kellan stopped crying, YAY!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

This Labor Day Weekend we headed down to my bonus mom's house to spend the weekend with her & Donna's mom & dad. We arrived friday night to a super yummy Swedish meatball dinner, Marie always spoils us with her homemade meals! The boys played with & loved on Grandma before we finally got them settled enough to attempt bedtime. After a short while of musical beds everyone finally settled in & went to sleep. The easy days of putting all 3 boys in one big bed are gone & they each prefer their own space, which there are plenty of at Grandma's between the crib, toddler bed, bunkbeds, futon & full bed (spaced out between 3 rooms of course.)

Saturday we made an indecisive trip to Ikea. The store is way too overwhelming to make any decisions in, add in 3 kids & we might as well stayed home & shopped online, lol... Only 2 of the boys wanted to play in the playroom when we got to ikea but there was a waiting list. I signed the 2 up that wanted to go & we headed off to attempt to shop while we waited. By the time we were called Kellan decided he would play too but they wouldn't let him because he wasn't on the waiting list. Boo Ikea! We couldn't let 2 go & make him wait so we didn't let any go & we left the store empty handed with 3 crying boys who wanted to play. We made it up to them though with lunch at Chuck E Cheese. Spoiled I know but I was really displeased with the decision by ikea not to let him in with his brothers. I should have put them all on the waiting list, lesson learned, but seriously they couldn't let one extra sibling in?! Oh well, if we ever decide on what we want I think we will order online & just pick it up instead of attempting the store again, it's too big, too busy & has too many distractions!

Sunday we prepared for a feast of grilled goodness from Marie's newly built (still awaiting the granite top) grill. My brother in law did an awesome, awesome job on the grill/fireplace combination!!! I wonder if we could convince him to come build us one???

Donna's parents came over for the cookout & we all had a good visit. The boys showed off some of their new, school learned behavior & dance moves (I had no idea they danced at school!) We were all worn out just by watching them.

Later that afternoon we took the boys to the splash park, they love this one & always have so much fun at it but their fun was short lived as an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in closing the park. Originally they were just going to close for 30 minutes due to thunder, so we headed next door to the playground which is equally as fun but we were chased out by raindrops soon after.



Caden & Kellan

Mommom trying out the maze of a playground

The boys were well worn out after their little bit of playtime & we relaxed at Grandma's the rest of the evening & munched on leftovers from our cookout.

Monday we headed out to Donna's parents for another visit before getting on the road & heading home. It's been nothing but hot & stormy all over Florida this summer & this weekend was no different. We headed home right into a nasty thunderstorm, once we made it through the rain we were backed up in traffic from a bunch of accidents, I think we passed 5 different cars run off the road & saw one run off behind us not to mention the two rear end accidents we passed. The rain brings out the best drivers on the highway, lol... The good news is, there didn't appear to be any serious injuries and we only lost about a half hour of driving time. It was a good weekend with family, I miss my dad of course, with every holiday & also when we go to their house but I know he was there in spirit watching the boys have fun & admiring my grilled goodness, lol... He was the one that took the boys to Chuck E Cheese for the first time & grilling was always his forte'.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Project 52; Week 33

The boys & their girl
Caden & Kellan on the ATV, Garren & C on the 4 wheeler


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