Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I get asked quite frequently about the necklaces the boys wear.
They are amber necklaces & they are for teething relief.

With 3 boys all teething at the same time I felt like I was spending a small fortune on medications, homeopathic & not. So we decided to give these a try, for $5 each we really couldn't go wrong.

They actually work quite well. They do not solve the more severe teething pain but they keep the fussy, irritable & restlessness at bay. Like I mentioned in a previous post, the boys did cut their first set of molars & we didn't even realize it. That has not been the case with eye teeth though. 

For the times the amber isn't quite enough I usually turn to Camilia, a homeopathic remedy that has never failed us.
We used teething tabs when the boys were still tiny but they quit being effective for us sometime between 9 months & a year old.
Acetaminophen has never been effective for the boys for pain, just fevers.
For instances like their eye teeth we have given ibeprofin for swelling & pain & it does the trick. 
Overall though, we give much less medication :o)

If you've got little ones that are teething I highly recommend hitting up eBay for an amber necklace!!!


  1. Just ordered myself a hazelwood bracelet to see if it will help with chapped lips. Might try amber for myself and definitely for baby girl when the time comes! I like - they post coupon codes on their Facebook page :)

  2. I've just reached this post in your blog. While I don't remember how I accessed this blog at all, about a month ago, I did. I was so intrigued. I decided to back track all the way to your very first blog post and ever since have steadily been working on catching up. Alas, here I am. And might I say it has been a treat beyond words, how much I've enjoyed doing so. I guess this sounds odd of me. I feel like I've shared laughs, cries, smiles, and worries upon reading through this chronologically. I somehow feel like I know you guys in a way because you've been so open and inviting to what it's like being a wife and mom to multiples. I hope you don't mind that I think I would like to continue following your guys' story. Funny thing is that I noticed on the right hand side of your page it was showing your readers and I saw my city and state and was like, woah, I feel like I need to explain myself so they aren't weirded out by me lol! Anyway, God bless you Spring, Donna, Garren, Kellan, Caden, Haddie, and Eason! This really has been so fun reading up on the last 2 or so years of your lives! I do not have my own blog on blog spot but I definitely want to "follow" your blog, if that's okay with you! :)

    Whitney - xoxo.

    1. Whitney,
      Oh wow! I didn't think we were that interesting, lol...
      I'm glad you found us & I'm so flattered that you have read our entire blog :)
      Honestly I have not noticed the same city & state showing up & I don't think it's odd at all. I've done the same thing.
      We'd love to have you "follow" our story!!!

    2. With three little tots in tow, and all the adventures you guys seem to share, how could your lives not be interesting? It just seems full of joy and happiness and like you guys really grasp the important things in life. Thank you! I will follow then. Maybe I will start writing some blog posts here and there but really I'm a 19 year old, not too much going on here haha. Thank you for allowing me to read and follow. I look forward to more blog posts.

      Whitney - xoxo

  3. I was going to look into these necklaces for Peyton. I was afraid that she would rip it off and swallow a bead or something. Is that a common problem? I just wondered if you had any advice on that.

    1. My boys hardly notice they have the necklaces on. The necklaces are knotted in between each bead so that if the necklace were to break the beads would not come loose or fly everywhere, so I wouldn't think that would be a problem either.
      I try to keep the necklaces tucked inside the boys' shirts, mostly because they need the warmth of their skin & the contact to be effective, that may be why they don't notice them? The necklaces do come out on heir own sometimes but the boys still don't mess them.

    2. Awesome. I may invest in getting one for Peyton. She's constantly tugging things, but, I've never really put anything around her neck before, so we will try it! She's constantly drooling - so now would be the time. Thanks!

  4. My girls have been wearing amber teething necklaces since they were 6ish months old too. My goal was also to reduce or eliminate the need for OTC medications. So far so good! My girls have received Advil less than a handful of times in their 20 months! I also love Camilia!



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