Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Five Days Old...

Today was an amazing day with the boys!!!

This morning my sister & I went to see the boys. The nurse that was with them today was very friendly and informative. Caden weighed 3lbs 5oz, up just a smidge, and Garren & Kellan were up to 2lbs 14.5oz. They are all doing great with no oxygen. Caden & Kellan were able to come off their light therapy, Garren is staying on it for one more day and we'll see what his Bilirubin level is in the morning.

After giving us all the boys info, the nurse asked if I wanted to "kangaroo hold" them?
WHAT?!?! Of course I do!!! (for those who don't know, that is skin to skin holding, great for the babies and for the mommies) So I started with Kellan and then moved onto Caden :D I wasn't able to do it with Garren because they are still waiting on lab results for him. They think he has contact dermatitis, but ran some labs to be sure it isn't anything more serious. In the meantime we can only handle him with gloves on.

This afternoon, when Donna got home from work, she, Steven & I went back to see the boys. They were still doing great and Donna got to "kangaroo hold" both Kellan & Caden. The nurse asked if I wanted to hold Garren? OF COURSE I DO!!! (still couldn't kangaroo hold) Garren was the only one we hadn't been able to hold yet, so Donna & I both got to hold him :D Steven also took a turn holding Kellan. So so adorable. Kellan was happy in his uncles arms. Aunt Autumn of course is incredibly jealous so we will see if we can't get her some holding time with the boys tomorrow.

Mommy & Caden
Mama & Kellan
Uncle Steven & Kellan
Mama holding Garren for the first time


  1. Wish we were there to hug & cuddle them too. We are so glad that they are doing so well...and you too Mommy Spring. I love how everyday is something new, exciting and that they are better then the day before. Aunt Ro said to tell ya'll that she is say'n extra prayers and pull'n for Garren. Poor little guy. At least he is with his brothers and getting lov'n from a far. How great that you got to hold him.
    Thanks for all the progress reports, pics and updates. Can't wait to see you all.
    Lots of Love n Huggs
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  2. I was going to ask you if you had been able to kangaroo hold, I am glad that you were able to do that with them. Hopefully you will be able to kangaroo hold Garren soon as well.

    So glad to hear they are doing so great!

  3. I'm so glad that they are al doing good :D <3 u guys :D

  4. I just burst into tears!! What great news!! Im happy happy happy for you!


  5. They are so beautiful. You look fantastic holding them. Looks like you all are made for each other. What a great looking family.
    Love to all
    Aunt Ro & Aunt Pat

  6. They are just precious. I know you are so excited that they are here now but just imagine how exciting the day you get to bring them home is going to be as well YAY so happy for you two xoxo



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