Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diabetic Care Center

So I had my first appointment with the Diabetic Care Center today, what fun!!!

I met with a woman who was very nice and seemed very concerned. However, she still didn't seem to understand my need to eat more frequently than every 2 hours. She asked me who told me I needed to eat every hour or so? I said no one, my boys dictate when I'm hungry these days and since by belly is crowded, I cannot eat a full meal in one sitting. I don't know why it is so hard to understand?!?

Anyways, my fasting glucose level is consistently too high, so she started me on insulin. I'm not really surprised or upset about that. Needles don't bother me and these are so tiny, you don't even feel them going in. I am also starting on a low dose at meals. I think this is better for me because right now I feel like I'm starving myself trying to make changes to my diet and not knowing what to really eat. People keep telling me to "just" cut out the sugar and the carbs, but it's not that simple and they don't want you to cut out carbs, they want you to evenly dispurse them throughout the day and pair them with fat and protein. It will all work out. By the time I get it figured out though I will probably be having the babies and won't have to worry about it anymore, HA!!!


  1. Well I am soo... happy to hear everyting is going great! Hang in there!

  2. Eating in small doses is a good thing. Snack on lots of veggies, fruits (natural sugar), then eat protein with a little cargs mixed in for your meals. Don't forget milk (calcium) so the babies have good bones.
    So glad you are doing so well and the boys seem happt their mom is doing good too.
    Love ya all
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  3. I agree with Pat so that's all good EXCEPT the insulin, BUT it all will all work out for the good, as long as try to behave yourself. You mean they didn't even give you some sort of eating plan?? Got people praying for you and the kids.

  4. Aunt Onalee, I do have somewhat of an eating plan, it's just the frequency that is bothering me, but I'm loading up on protein during my meals and trying to make it the 2 hours until I test before eating again, but these boys are hungry all the time and they are taking up a lot of room in my belly, so I can't get as much food down to hold me that long. It will all work out & the insulin and not that bad, it hasn't really lowered my fasting blood sugar, but it is helping my levels after meals :)



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