Friday, May 6, 2011

What A Pooper!!!

Today started with a very early visit to my midwife. My vitals are all good and she was very impressed with my incision.

After my appointment we went to see the boys. All of them are still doing great!

Caden was able to come off his light therapy & no longer has an IV :) His foot drained really well overnight, now we just have to wait for the skin to dry up and fall off. (like a scab) The doctor doesn't think he will need skin graph :) He is still doing well with his feeds and they are increasing them 1cc 4 times a day & fortifying my milk so he gets extra calories & some of the nutrients he was getting through the IV & he is finally gaining weight :)

Caden, 8 days old...

Kellan was the BIG POOPER of the day!!! LOL...
He is also doing well with his feeds and the fortified milk caused him to have a diaper FULL of poop. Of course I was there, so I got to change that diaper. I'm saving him for Donna tomorrow!
Kellans weight stayed the same today :)

Kellan, 8 days old...

Garren LOVES to be held and to be talked to, he opens his eyes when you say his name and when he's being held he opens his eyes real wide and looks all around. He's very alert. He is also doing well with his feeds and today they started increasing his feeds by 1cc 4 times a day and the milk is being fortified. Tomorrow he is having his PICC line removed. Garren also gained weight today and the little guy is the first one to maintain his temperature on his own :) They were talking of moving him out of the isolette and into a crib tomorrow, but the doctor decided he wanted him to stay in the isolate so he could use his calories to grow instead of using them to keep himself warm, it makes sense. I can't wait until they are all ready to go into a crib. The NICU has an oversized crib that all 3 boys can go in together. What a sight that will be!

Garren, 8 days old...

Aunt Autumn and Garren

Uncle Steven with Garren

All 3 had their Cranial Scans yesterday and they all came back normal, no brain bleeds, and no brain damage from all that kicking they did on the inside :D

Today is also Autumn, Steven, & Chandlers last day here, they are heading home first thing in the morning. It has been very nice having them here. Autumn got our house back in order, poor thing, I don't think she's done that much laundry ever, but it's all caught up and all the boys clothes and blankets are clean and organized in their dresser. She drove me back and forth to the hospital every morning and made dinner every night while Donna, Steven, & I visited with the boys in the evening. They also took care of the dogs while Donna worked this week and Autumn got me on a good pumping schedule and helped me learn everything about that. I'm going to miss having them here and I'm sure the boys will miss hearing their voices.

My nephew, Chandler, 9 months 3 weeks...

Chandler started crawling while here this week
Haddie made a very baby sitter


  1. I am loving all this good news!! Way to Thrive Boys!!!

  2. Such wonderful news!! Everyday a new adventure. So sorry your sister and brother in-law have to leave so soon, but glad they got to be with the boys and you for as long as they did. You have a wonderful family.
    Still pray'n that all continues to go well.
    We love ya
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  3. I just showed all the girls at work your little guys! Everyone is amazed at how well they're doing!

    They're soooo darn cute!



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