Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kellens First Bath By Us...

Caden, Garren, & Kellan are all still doing fantastic!!!
All of their blood-work came back good today, they are taking their feedings well and have very little residuals left over (milk left in their belly), & they are all doing great in their cribs.

They are 12 days old today & I may be a little bias, but I think they get cuter by the day :)

Garren, 3lbs 3oz, up 50 grams from yesterday
Caden, 3lbs 9oz, up 30 grams from yesterday
Kellan, 3lbs 3oz, up 20 grams from yesterday

Tonight we gave Kellan his bath, without the assistance of the nurse. I was a little nervous, Kellan was not happy about his bath and wiggled around a lot and cried, so Donna stepped in and helped out.
Heres a couple photos...

the nurse put him in the water...
washing his tiny little body


  1. Ahhhhh. I wish we could be there to see all of you. You look so happy in the pic.

  2. You might be bias, but yes they do get cuter everyday. I think that is is because their little cheeks are starting fill out just a little. And I am sure that you are starting to see some of their own personalities.

    They are cutie pies though.

  3. Bias is ok when they are yours!! They are extremely adorable and every day they become a bit more cute!!



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