Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our First Mothers Day

We spent most of the day with the boys :) They are 10 days old today & 31 weeks gestation.

We walked in today to find all three of them in one room. Caden was just on the other side of the wall, but today his nurse pushed his incubator in next to Kellan. We also found Garren in a crib!!! He was getting too hot in his incubator, so he was moved into a crib. It's so nice to be able to see him and touch him without being behind glass.

They are all still doing great, breathing on their own, no IVs, no light therapy, tolerating full feeds. All had good bloodwork this morning & are gaining weight.

Donna & I took turns holding them all today and taking their temperatures and changing diapers.
I guess we spent the day being... MOMS :)

Here are todays photos...

Caden, 10 days old, wearing a hat made by a friends wife, Kerrie

Kellan, 10 days old,
wearing a hat made by a friends wife, Kerrie 

Garren being bashful


Garren, 10 days old, wearing a hat made by a friends wife, Kerrie


  1. HAPPY MOM'S DAY! Looks like you both had a great day with the boys. May this be the first of many great days with your children.
    Love to all
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro



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