Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!!!

I vacuumed & dusted today. All the boys toys, blankets & boppies where out of the way, so Haddie & Eason took advantage of all the space to run & wrestle in. It makes me happy to see them play, I feel bad that they don't get the walks & visits to the dog park like they did before the boys arrived. Hopefully that will change when we get out of this 3rd floor apartment. :o)

They have been playing this way since we brought Eason home, almost 2 1/2 years ago.

Happy Leap Day from Haddie & Eason!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Months Old!!!

{Adjusted age 7 months 2 weeks}

This cannot be happening!
Not this fast!
I swear it's too soon!

My baby boys are 10 months old already!!!
It feels like I was just sitting in the hospital trying to keep them in just a little longer.
Well here they are 2 months from turn 1 year old.

This past month has been crazy. The boys are growing & learning everyday & it seems like whatever they learn today just leads to something new tomorrow.

I'll start with Garren, he has become the biggest comedian of the group. He is smiling & laughing all the time & always doing something to make his brothers laugh. He knows how to work a crowd, flashing a smile, cutting a look, or chatting away. He is still the most content baby which might be why he is still showing no interest in crawling. He rolls & spins all over the place but mostly he is happy where ever we sit him down & he will make do with whatever toy is closest. Look out though, if one of the other boys is close by Garren will snatch their toy in a second. Don't take his though, it is one of the few things that makes him scream, taking his toys and his brothers pulling his hair. Garren has also mastered the pincer grasp & he claps & waves.

waiting at the doctors office...

Kellan is in some kind of race with himself. He started crawling a couple weeks ago & he's already getting into a sitting position on his own, climbing over & on things & pulling up to his knees. He pulled up onto his feet once but we're waiting for him to repeat that again. He is also quite the comedian & loves making his brothers laugh. Kellan is becoming very aware of things around him, he watches what others are doing and will now follow to see where we/they are going. He follows me to the kitchen, Donna to the bathroom & while we were at my moms he would follow us all to the kitchen or down the hall.

little monkey!!!

sitting up on his own

trying to get on his feet

Caden is also crawling & just today pulled himself up to his knees. He loves being entertained by his brothers & just laughs & laughs at them. When he wants a toy one of his brothers has & can't get it away, he will just chew it while they hold it. He has also been caught drinking from his brothers bottle while they held onto it trying to keep it from him.

pulling up to his knees

hanging at the doctors office...

All of the boys still only have their 2 bottom teeth. They drool like crazy & chew on anything they can get in their mouth. I don't know what is taking so long with the rest of their teeth?!? They are down to three 8 ounce bottles a day, so we were successful in weaning back to 24 ounces daily & they are eating a lot more food.

These pics are for Mama & Great Uncle Rick (the Dallas fans)

Kellan, Caden & Garren

trying on their shorts, getting ready for FL weather...

 cute little butts!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

GO!!! ...{Caden}

And he's off...

Caden started crawling about the same time Kellan did, he just wanted to get to the closest toy while his brother wanted to explore the house. Well Caden has now joined his brother in exploration. He has a little trouble keeping his balance when in motion but that doesn't stop him, he has mastered the army crawl & will continue forward movement even if it's on his belly.

Along with exploring the house now, Caden likes to sneak over to his brothers & try to steal their bottles when he has finished his.

 Like that foot to the face, lol

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carrots... Take II

The boys did not care for carrots the first time they tried them, however with a little pork mixed in, they love them!!!




Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bath Time Fun!!!

The boys got an early birthday present...

They are seats for the bath tub. The boys love taking baths & I always feel so bad rushing them through it & not letting them play in the water longer but, when you have 3 boys to bathe, time is of the essence, especially for my knees. Even hurrying it takes an hour to get them all bathed, lathered in lotion & cream, & dressed. So I thought it might be fun for them to all play in the tub together & when a friend asked what the boys needed this is what I told her :) Of course the day they arrived I just had to try them out.

Garren did great, he sat in his seat & played with his toys & giggled at his brothers. Kellan also did good, although he wanted to play with the toys on his brothers seat. Caden, well he tried to climb out of his chair. He thrashed around trying to lay down & when that didn't work he just threw himself sideways tipping the seat. This would be why I didn't want to bathe them all at once without seats, Caden wants to lay on his back & splash with his legs, Kellan wants to turn onto his stomach so he can get on his hands & knees, and Garren is content doing whatever but would surely get knocked over by his brothers antics.

I only have photos of Kellan & Garren because of Cadens attempt to jump overboard...

Garren (right) is quite comical these days with his facial expressions.

Thank you Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro for the seats!!! Last night Caden did learn that he can splash with his hands too so they will all be back in the tub together again tomorrow :o)

Friday, February 24, 2012


Come the end of April, our lease will be up & as much as I've enjoyed being trapped on the 3rd floor with 3 babies, it's time to move!!! We have been planning on this for a while & looking around the area at apartments & homes. We finally found the perfect place, a villa with a small yard & in a beautiful neighborhood where I would be able to take the boys for walks in their stroller or down to the pool during warmer months. There is even a play ground & a little dog park, so we a deposit down & eagerly await April.

As some of you know, we really would like to move back to FL to be closer to our families. We would really like to raise our boys near all of their grandparents & aunts & uncles & cousins. Being 9+ hours away really limits the amount of time we all get to spend together.

Remember that little trip we took to see my parents in South Georgia... Well we were there for 2 reasons, 1 to visit my parents & 2 Donna had an interview in Jacksonville (for those who don't know, it is still with her company but even to transfer they have to go through an interview process & be selected for the position) Turns out DONNA GOT THE POSITION!!! We are going back to Florida!!! 

I figured if we put money down on a place here, we would for sure get a chance to go home but if we waited we would be out of luck, here & there.

So here are the details. Donna reports to work April 1st. We are going to stay with my parents while we take our time and find the right place that suits our growing boys & the pups :o) We are looking in the North Jacksonville/Amelia Island area. Maybe in Yulee? Donna is going to commute so it needs to be close to 95, I cannot do the small town thing again so it needs to be close to Jacksonville & we would like for it to be pretty close to the beach, which is why we are thinking about Yulee. It is 2 exits north of a huge shopping center in Jacksonville, 5 minutes from Amelia Island & minutes from 95 :) It's a small but growing town that seems to be merging the gap between Jax & Amelia Island. 

Yulee is about in the middle of that red line on 200

We are beyond excited to be closer to friends & family. My sister lives in Jacksonville so she will be close by if I should need help with anything. My mom & bonus dad will be about and hour and a half away. My dad & bonus mom will be just over 2 hours away in Orlnado & Donna's parents will be about 3 hours away south of Ocala. My younger bonus sister will be 4 hours away in the Panhandle. We are unfortunately leaving my other bonus sister up here in NC, but we should see each other at our parents in Orlando.

It is sort of bittersweet, we are SO excited to go back to FL but, we love Winston-Salem & the people we have met & the friends we have made. This was an awesome place to have our boys, I honestly don't think we would have received the care we got here anywhere else. From the Fetal Care Center to the Women's Center to the NICU & our pediatrician, we couldn't have asked for more friendly, caring, professional care. I attribute our boys amazingly good health to all of them & I will miss our pediatrician terribly. I don't even know how to begin to find another one as great as her. I will also miss the amazing women from our Mother's of Multiples group here. I only hope the group in Jax is as fun & friendly. I also wish we would have gotten to see or do more while we were here in NC, but since I was pregnant when we moved here & high risk (& exhausted) we didn't get to do much sight seeing & for the past 10 or so months we've been tied up with 3 amazing baby boys. It's been an amazing place to live anyways :)

And just to make any of you non-floridians jealous, here's a couple photos of the beach we will be closest to :o)

We will be back the end of April to have our things moved & for the boys 12 month/1 year doctors appt (I cannot believe that is coming up already) We also have to have their (hopefully) final "helmat man" appointment. We will also have their 1 year photos taken that week with the photographer I won the last contest with :o) After that we will be beach bound for the summer & enjoying the company of our good friends & family back in Florida.


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