Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guess Who's 5 Pounds...

We had a good day with the boys today. They are now 34 weeks gestation. During rounds today the doctor asked us if we wanted to take them home one at a time or all together? We decided all together since they don't seem to want to be separated. Plus we think that having them all home at once will be easier than loading one or two up to go back and forth to see whoever is still in the hospital. So if everyone can behave we are looking at next weekend to bring them home. Keep the hope, prayers and positive thoughts coming... please :)

Caden hit the 5 pound mark today!!! Garren & Kellan aren't too far behind him. All three boys had their first vaccine today, Hepatitis B. They didn't cry for the needle going in, but they did when the medicine went in, but only for a couple seconds. I think the sugar the nurse was giving them helped. I wonder why doctors don't give adults sugar when we have to have shots? lol...

I can't figure out where my pictures go in my computer when I scan them??? So here is a picture of the photo the boys had done by the hospital...

Caden, Kellan, & Garren
Caden, 5 lbs,
with our favorite L&D nurse, Laurian, who came to visit tonight.
Garren, 4 lbs 6.3 oz
Kellan, 4 lbs 9.3 oz


  1. Wow!! They are beautiful Spring and Donna! Beautiful and sweet!!

  2. Laurian took care of me my first night in the hospital since I ruptured. I really liked her alot too. She was so good to me. The boys are absolutely beautiful.



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