Friday, May 13, 2011

*Two WEEKS Old...

All three of the boys are still doing great!!! I cannot believe they are 2 weeks old already, time is flying by, although it is 2 weeks closer to bringing them home :) I can't wait!!!

Kellan, 3 lbs 6.7 oz
I LOVE their little faces!!!
Caden, 3 lbs 13 oz, our big boy :)
Garren, 3 lbs 5.2 oz, loves sleeping with his arms up and his pacifier
Mama & Kellan, looks like he is talking to her


  1. they are growing good :) and r too dang cute :)

  2. They look so much alike!

    Which 2 are identical?

  3. Wow, miss a couple of days and look at all the new pics!!! I can't believe how they have prgressed. They are so precious looking. Love the pics of Donna doing the bath thingy. Glad you are enjoying them as they grow.
    Love to All
    Aunt Pat & Aunt RO

  4. they are precious!! whats the take home weight???

  5. Carrie, no particular weight, they have to be at least 34 weeks gestation before they can come home and of course maintaining their temps, heart rates themselves and at least taking full feeds by bottle. They will be 32 weeks gestation this sunday & we will start introducing bottles then :)

  6. oh so things have changed a bit... when my niece was a premie it was 34 weeks gestation and a steady weight of at least 5 lbs. Thats why I was curious!



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