Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011...

What a year!!! I have to say probably the best yet for Donna and I.

2011 has brought us so much to be thankful for.

Modern medicine for one. It is what made our boys possible, not just the fertility treatments but the prenatal care I received & the care our boys received when they were born 11 weeks premature. Also modern medicine made my dad & my dear friends cancer detected & treated early, requiring neither of them to have to endure chemo or radiation.
I'm thankful for all our family & friends who helped us prepare for the boys arrival with gifts, love & time. (aka help)
I'm thankful for family, friends, facebook & random strangers that made it possible for us to raise the money we needed to get our boys their plagiocephaly helmets.
And of course our beautiful baby boys!!!

The year did have it's ups & downs of course. The scare we had with my dad falling off a ladder, which led to his cancer being diagnosed. The loss my cousin who was serving in Afghanistan at just 21 years old & the loss of my uncle who became ill suddenly & passed away the next day. These were devastating for our family but have only made our bond stronger & shown us not to take anyone or anything for granted.

I hope that 2012 brings everyone happiness & good health.

Be safe in your endeavors tonight & Happy New Year!!!

We are home with our party animals tonight
(who are sleeping by now of course)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Lima Beans = Gas...

The initial reactions to the taste of lima beans was funny. Kellan, who always eats everything no matter what, did just that with the lima beans. Garren, who is never too sure about tasting something new, gave me the gag face & even tried to get it out of his mouth, lol. Caden, who also eats everything with little opinion on the matter, ate the lima beans as if he had been eating them all along.
After I thinned them out a little more Garren warmed up to them & all the boys seemed to enjoy their new veggie :)

Caden was trying to lick the lima beans off his chin, lol...
After 2 days of having lima beans for dinner & the boys waking throughout the night with gas, we have decided to end the 4 day trial early, introduce a new fruit during breakfast & just have veggies the boys have already had for a few days.

On another note... I started this blog a year ago today so that our friends and family could follow our progress as we were expecting our triplets. It's hard to believe that one year later I'm blogging about our boys eating lima beans. :o) Time flies when you're having fun!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

8 Months Old...

I honestly considered posting an "age & milestone" update every week this month... 7 months 1 week, 7 months 2 weeks, 7 months 3 weeks...
Like I said last month it seems like the boys learn something new everyday!!!

Gosh, where to start??? The boys have done so much this month, throw in Christmas & a visit from Grandma & Grandpa & WOW!!! we had a busy but fun time.

Kellan, sweet, sensitive, affectionate Kellan...
This baby boy has developed such a personality. He always gives us big, mouth open wide, smiles. (very hard to catch on camera though) He laughs & squeals at just about everything & he loves to squeeze our necks when we pick him up, sometimes he'll even give me a kiss when I ask. Kellan is also the most sensitive (fussy) when it comes to not feeling well, having gas, teething, or just plain wanting more attention. But who can complain about that when he is so stinkin' sweet?!? Kellan is also an entertainer. He loves to make us all laugh, including his brothers. I was in the kitchen one day & I heard Caden laugh, so I looked into the playroom to see what he was laughing at... Kellan was rolling from his belly to his back, when he did this Caden would laugh & Kellan would roll back to his belly & look at Caden, then to get him to laugh again, Kellan would roll to his back, Caden would laugh & Kellan would roll back over to look at him. This went on for a little while & I just thought it was so sweet & so funny. I tried to catch it on video, but I was enjoying watching them & by the time I thought of it, they saw me & were more interested in what I had. 
Kellan was the first of the boys to start holding his own bottle. He was also the first to start trying to sit up & as of right now, he sits up the best. Kellan is teething as all the boys have been for a few months now. I see his bottom teeth just below his gums, but none have cut through yet. They sure seem to be bothering him a lot though, he is chewing and chattering at just about anything he can get near his mouth. Kellan is also babbling and trying to talk a little. He has mumbled "mamama" when he hasn't felt well & he also says different variations of deedeedee, di di di & dadada, along with aghee aghee.
He reaches for & grabs at Haddie & Eason now. He even smiles at them & tries to get their attention.
I know all the boys have been picking things up on their own for a while, but I've really noticed this last month how well they pick things up, hold onto them & put them where they want them. Most importantly their pacifiers, which they picked back up on a couple weeks ago. Mostly just during naps, but they use them for chewing now instead of sucking. Gotta love teething!!!

I think it might be time to remove the
quilt & stuffed animals from the edge of their cribs...
someone has figured out he can pull them down
Getting some lovin' from Mama 
sitting up on the couch after his bottle
Kellan & Caden conversing after bottles & burping
Caden, Caden, Caden, our little flirt!!!
This handsome guy can work a room with his smile & adorable blue eyes. He has developed this bashful little act he uses when he first sees someone besides Donna or I. (family or friends, not strangers) He'll smile and look down or to the side as if he's shy or he'll bat his eyes when he thinks they might be looking. After a little while he shows off all his moves, rolling from his tummy to his back & to his tummy again or jumping like a crazy thing in his jumper. He also starts showing off his vocal abilities which mostly just includes squealing, growling, and some kind of grunt/yell. He is pretty laid back but still demanding when he's not feeling well or getting what he wants at the moment. He is also very excitable. If Donna comes home for lunch or after work while he is napping she has to wisper. If Caden hears her voice he gets so excited & he won't go back to sleep.
Caden is also holding his bottle now & sitting up with a little assistance. He has cut his TWO bottom teeth in the past 2 weeks. He wasn't terribly bothered by them but did require some tylenol or motrin occasionally. He has also taken an interest in the dogs, grabbing at them & babbling to them.
Caden loves to stare at his brothers when he is sitting up. He smiles at them when he first sees them & laughs when they roll over or make noises.

Lovin' on his Mama
sitting up after his bottle
Checking out his brother
He sleeps with his little booty in the air
Caden & Garren chatting it up
Sweet little Garren...
This poor guy has had this title since birth. He was the smallest & gave us a big scare when he was just 2 days old which led to not being able to hold him for the first time until he was 5 days old. We have been overcompensating every since.
Garren has always been the quiet, sleepy, most content baby. He is happy with wherever you put him & with whatever you give him. Well until about 2 weeks ago, now he is a chatty, babbling, funny face making, wild child. He is still content, he just has more to say these days. Garren has found his motor boat again, he was making this noise non-stop for a while then he just stopped one day. While Donna's parents were here over Christmas he started doing it again. He also babbles "bababa" & "bob bob" & he says mama.
He is sitting up with little assistance, holds his bottle himself & has cut his 2 bottom teeth in the past 2 weeks. Aside from chewing everything & drooling like crazy, you'd never know this boy was teething. He can also roll from tummy to back & back to tummy but he prefers not to. Like I said, he's very content & will make do with whatever is in front of him. He's not quite the show off his brothers are but he will chat your ear off. He just has so much to say & great facial expressions to go along with it.
Garren loves his brothers. When he's sitting up he wants to be facing them & he wants to be close enough to touch. He smiles and babbles at them and tries to be as close as he can. He is so sweet. He's my little cuddle bug, if one of these boys was meant for attached parenting, it would be Garren & I will admit, when he isn't feeling well or just wants to snuggle, I don't have a problem tucking him in beside me & letting him sleep there all night. I'd do the same with the other two but they want to roll over & play. I don't have much to say about it but check out Garrens mohawk... It's getting longer & more obvious, lol...

Geting some lovin' from Mama
He loves to stand
Sitting up after his bottle
Check out the mohawk
Showung Mama where her nose is
Another good shot of the mohawk, lol
I had to get a close up, it's so hard to see in photos. His hair is growing
just in the middle & forward making a perfect mohawk. He's also getting some
right around the edge in the back & some new hair on top in the front.
Funny how their hair all fell out & is now growing so randomly.
They are all growing so much & so fast. We had to move into 9 month clothes this month. They have stopped using their bouncer seats & the bumbos for the most part. They are all about the exersaucers & jumper now. They love playing with (& chewing on) the rubber building blocks we got them for Christmas & they are trying very hard to crawl. Their  sleeping habits are great, we had it all down to a science until company came & having visitors for a few days was just too exciting & their nap routine & bedtime are all messed up at the moment but, it should just take a couple days to get back on track.

Everybody's laughing!!!
I love seeing their different reactions & personalities!!!
Holding their own bottles makes my life so much easier
but I miss the one on one time I got feeding each one individually.
Hats from Nana

Haddie still keeps a close eye on the boys...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blueberries = Num Num

The boys haven't been too crazy about sweet foods but that is not the case with blueberries. I gave them just blueberries for their first taste. Then I mixed it in with their cereal to reduce the mess they make & the blue ring they leave around the boys mouths.

Their first taste of blueberries came after dinner one night,
that's why there is also orange on their bibs :)

The boys looked a little strange at their purple cereal, but they loved it!!!
I'm sure they are all thinking why oh why
does she always take pictures while we are eating?!?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Butternut Squash = MmMmMm!!!

The boys LOVED them some butternut squash!!!
Unfortunately I introduced this food during Donna's Christmas madness schedule at FedEx so there are no photos. I tried, but feeding 3 babies and snapping pictures was a little difficult & since they liked it so much they were not very patient waiting for their turn & next bite, lol...
(usually Donna feeds them & I take photos of their first reactions)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Our First Christmas with Babies

We had so much fun with the boys on their first Christmas!!! I feel so fortunate that Donna's parents were able to make the trip from Florida to spend Christmas with us. Santa was great to everyone & these baby boys are very loved by many many friends & family!!!

Donna's Mom & Dad

We started the day pretty routine... wake, change & feed the boys. Walk the dogs & eat breakfast.
Then we all opened gifts. The boys sort of participated in opening gifts, they have reached the stage of grabbing everything, so with a little assistance they pulled off paper & proceeded to put it in their mouths, lol. The boys got a few toys, books & stuffed animals (did you know Mickey Mouse plays football & for the Bucs?!) They also got some really cool TAMPA BAY BUCCANEER outfits & a TON of clothes!!! Which is something they always need. They got some $$$ from Nana & Papa (Whidden), with which they will get a portable dvd player for their next long trip to FL and some more $$$ from one of their Great Aunts, their cousin, & from their Great Great Aunt. So much love I tell you!!!

Kellan trying to open a present


Caden waiting patiently

 Looks like Caden loves football already & Haddie too

Books from Grandma & Grandpa

Garren's got the right idea!!!

A "Crawl Ball"

Mickey in his Bucs jersey & a Bucs blanket :o)

 Donna was not please with this gift 
but this Mommy is!!!

Lots of clothes from Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

 Their first sets of 2 piece pj's, 
I can't wait for the boys to wear them!!!

We also had a great dinner. Donna's mom makes an awesome turkey!!! Having her parents here for a few days has made me really REALLY homesick. I miss all of our family & friends, being this far away during holidays just seems to emphasize the distance. 
Thankfully my dad, "bonus"mom, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, "bonus"sister & her family will all be up in a couple weeks to celebrate a belated Christmas with my other "bonus"sister & her family, Donna and I and the boys. I may bum a ride home for a couple weeks with one of them, think they'll have room for 4 more, haha :o)


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