Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Choo Choo Wagon

The boys got this amazing wagon from their Nana & Papa for their birthday.

I have been looking forward to this wagon every since I discovered it!!!

The boys & I have been enjoying walks outside just about every day. The boys really like sitting up & looking around at everything. They watch the dogs run back & forth & they grab at the plants we walk past. Garren has even grabbed one of the cats tails as he unsuspectedly walked past.

 Kellan, Garren & Caden

We are super excited to take the boys to the beach & to the zoo in their wagon!!!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Our miraculous baby boys are ONE!!!

Everyone that told us that time with children flies by was 100% correct!!! I cannot believe how fast this first year of their lives has flown by. Even the sleepless weeks that seemed to last forever, now seem like just a blink in time. It is truly too fast.

Since we celebrated with just about everyone we know the week before the boys birthday, we spent their actual birthday just the 5 (7 including the pups) of us. We had traveled back to NC to tie up a few loose ends before having all of our belongings moved to GA where they will be stored until we find our new home. So we laid low with the boys letting them sleep, eat & play on their own terms & without cooping them up in the car all day. We gave them gifts from us & enjoyed some family time.

Here is what each of the boys are up too as ONE year olds...


Our littlest guy marches to the beat of his own little drum!!! He has picked up & learned different skills at different times & in different manners than his brothers.

He is very vocal & says lots of stuff. He mimics things we say & amazingly sounds pretty accurate. He says the usual mamama, dadada, bababa, gagaga, googoo, nanana. He also says "all done," "Haddie," & other things we frequently say but I can't think of right now.

He has the funniest sense of humor. He squints his eyes & gives great big cheesy smiles, he also gives bashful grins & loud squealing smiles. He loves to be watched when he is doing something new & new things seem to be his specialty the past couple of weeks!!!

Garren has gone from not crawling at all to pushing himself around with one foot. He then figured out within a week how to get into a sitting position on his own, then pulling up to his knees & just a couple days later pulling up to his feet. Now after doing everything that was suppose to come after crawling, he has decided to crawl up on his hands and knees, lol... 

Garren loves to be near his brothers & has learned to accept them crawling over him & even sitting on him. He may be the smallest but he really doesn't take any crap from them. When one of his brothers snatches his toy, he takes it right back or goes in for the take down. We use to worry that Caden & Kellan would beat up on him, but he holds his own. I have caught him more than once holding one of his brothers down while smacking their head, lol...


Our most outgoing son is turning into our most laid back one.

Caden seems to just take it all in... He loves watching his brothers, seeing what Kellan is getting into & watching Garren make funny faces makes Caden giggle all the time. He has also turned into a HUGE lovebug!!! Giving big hugs whenever he is picked up & laying on us when we are on the floor with them.

Caden has the least to say, but who can get a word in with Garren babbling all the time?!? He does quietly babble to himself.

He was quick to follow Kellan in the crawling, sitting, pulling up arena & he is standing anytime there is something close enough to pull up on.

Caden has a contagious smile. He smiles just about every time you look at him. It is a bashful/shy guy kind of smile but he also has his party guy smile, especially when the camera comes out.

He also loves to be near his brothers & has been caught holding their hands when they are in their car seats or high chairs. He really doesn't like to be alone & usually cries if he is the first or last to be taken from one place to another (ie: playroom to dining room or bedroom.)

Caden holding Garrens hand while he sleeps in the car <3


This is our Mama's boy through & through!!! It is usually me he wants to attached to, but when Donna comes in from work, he wants her front & center!!!

Kellan has required the most attention since coming home from the NICU. Back then it was do to reflux & belly pain (gas.) Now I think he is a little insecure. I believe it is do to all of the changes recently with us moving & traveling. Now that our belonging have been moved we plan on giving the boys some time to settle & adjust to their new surroundings before we take anymore long trips.

Kellan has turned into our most outgoing boy. He is fearless when it comes to learning new things & doesn't mind falling down a few times in the process (as long as he gets a few extra kisses along the way.) He was the first to crawl, sit up, pull up, & is now cruising the furniture even letting go to get to something else. It won't be long & I think this boy will be walking!!!

He is also very proud of his accomplishments & looks to see if you're watching. He has the biggest smile that combined with his big eyes, lights up the room.

And just in time for his first birthday, Kellan cut a 3rd tooth on the bottom!!! No top teeth for any of the boys yet...

He is middle of the road with talking, he babbles & mimics more than Caden but not as much as Garren.

He also loves his brothers & wants to be right where they are, sometimes getting so close he knocks them over :o)

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{P.S. There are more pics & posts coming regarding their 1st Birthday...}

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thirty Five

That is how old I am today.

Last year Donna kept teasing me, saying I was going to have the boys on or near my birthday. I had already been in the hospital for a couple weeks, but I was only 29 weeks pregnant & had planned on making it to at least 33 weeks. My plans failed & Donna was right, 3 days after my birthday last year, the boys made their grand entrance & became the best belated birthday gift I have ever received!!!

I have had some pretty special birthdays over the years, but nothing as special as waking up on my birthday to 3 happy, squealing, giggling baby boys. And to top that off, after breakfast this morning Garren pulled himself up to his feet!!! I was so proud I cried & I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift!!! 

After the boys' lunch my mom watched them while I went on a lunch date with Donna. I went to Target & bought the boys a couple more things with their birthday gift cards & then I went to get my nosed pierced (something I've been wanting to do for a little while now.) My mom made tacos, one of my favorites, for dinner & a delicious homemade black forest cake for dessert. It was a really fabulous day!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Party Sneak Peek

Well after several last minute changes, we celebrated the boys first birthday a week early at my dads house back in Central FL.

It will be a week or so before I have all the photos. I will write more about the party then, but here is a little sneak peak for you...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sitting Pretty

Last week Garren figured out how to get into the sitting position on his own. Funny because his brothers only figured it out after learning to crawl. Garren still is not crawling on his hands & knees, but in addition to sitting up he is pulling up to his knees. He's just doing it all his own way :o)

I had put all 3 boys down for a nap, heard a lot of 
laughing so I peeked in & this is what I found.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Look Who's On His Feet!!!

Caden pulled himself up for the first time on his own yesterday (Sunday.) I don't think he even realized he had done it, he was trying so hard to get to a toy on the exersaucer & their train was between him & the exersaucer so he was doing some pretty serious reaching & just ended up on his feet.

Garren pulled up to his knees tonight during bath time. I tried to get him to do it again, but no luck. He is coming along nicely though :)

Speaking of FEET...
We got the boys their first shoes!!! Sandals of course :o)

I also bought a pair of these...

They only had one pair in the boys size, but I've been looking for converse style shoes for them for a while, so I snatched up this pair on clearance & will continue to look for others :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Boy Car Seats

The boys have graduated to their new big boy car seats!!!

A few weeks ago it became apparent that the infant car seats had become uncomfortable for the boys by their crying when we put them in & took them out of their car seats. It had become more difficult for us to get them in & out of their seats also because of how tight they had gotten. So right before we headed south Donna installed Caden & Kellans' new car seats. Garrens had to wait because his could not be installed rear facing on the middle seat :( Well, with the other two's installed rear facing, Donna could not get in the van. The car seats are so tall and lean back so far when installed rear facing we had to put  the front seats all the way forward. This is not a problem for 5' 2" me, but for 5' 10" Donna it posed a problem.

Well this weekend we had planned on going to FL to do some house hunting which required Donnas' presence in the van, lol. We weighed the boys & they are all well above 20lbs so we went ahead & decided to turn their seats around. We really didn't have much of a choice if we wanted to travel as a family. I worry a lot, especially with the new recommendation to keep kids rear facing until age 2, but we tried everything we could to get 3 car seats in rear facing & still fit our gigantic stroller. We didn't want to turn one around & not the others either.

The boys seemed a bit confused at first, they kept looking up & at each other. When we got going & they realized we were right there in front of them, they kept yelling at us. Caden really wanted Donna to turn around and pay attention to him. They settled in well & didn't cry going in or getting out of their new seats. They did not nap as well though in them. They sit upright now instead of reclining so I'm guessing maybe that is why.

Donna & our nephew, Chandler

We had a good trip though. The boys are always good when we go out. We met my sister, brother in law & nephew for lunch... You should have seen the hostess' face when I asked for 4 highchairs, lol!!! We have been putting the boys in highchairs at restaurants for a couple weeks now. They LOVE it!!! It is sometimes hard to do when it is just Donna & I if the restaurant is crowded & there is no place to stick their stroller. If we have company with us, we can all carry a baby & not worry about the stroller. We've been working it out either way & the boys are having a great time eating at the table & trying restaurant food.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New & Improved Playroom

Since we have arrived at my parents we have been chasing babies all over the house!!!
The living & dining room are open to each other & the kitchen is just separated by a fireplace & built-in entertainment center. Without buying massive gates that wrap halfway around the house, there wasn't a way to contain the boys.
My parents have a sunroom off of their living room & offered to convert it into the boys playroom. The sunroom has french doors that close it off from the living room & there are cabinets & a sink in it. So we moved all the toys & jumpers out there & we loaded the cabinets up with diapers, wipes, snacks, formula & bottles. We have everything we need in one place, the boys are contained & I'm not chasing babies all over the place anymore :o)
It is also nice to have an outdoor view.

 The boys have a lot of room to move around!

Papa talking with the boys after snack time :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ready for the Outdoors, lol...

This past week the boys have been playing in a "tent" & hanging out in adirondack chairs...

I got this Kidco Pod travel bed for my nephew, Chandler, for Christmas. My sister has had a hard time getting him to sleep away from home. He refuses (& is too big now) to sleep in a pack-n-play. I read a review from several mothers of multiples on this travel bed & thought it might be fun for him... I was wrong!!! So my sister brought it back to me (I did tell her to if it didn't work for him, I would love to eventually have 3 to use for our boys.) So I set it up in the playroom to see if the boys would get in it. Not only do they get in, but they think it is the greatest thing ever!!! They get in, play, look out the little windows & GIGGLE...

Caden & Kellan

Caden & Garren




My mom got the boys & my nephew baby adirondack chairs. They are smaller than any I have ever seen before & the boys fit in them just perfectly. They also LOVE sitting in them!!! They are where the boys have their afternoon snacks now :o)

Garren, Caden, Kellan & the giant sock monkey sitting in for Chandler

 Kellan, Caden & Garren

Above photos:
Kellan, Garren
Garren, Caden


Kellan & Garren

Caden, Garren & Kellan

So with the chairs & the "tent" it looks like we are all set for a camping trip, lol...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

GO!!! ...{Garren}

Shortly after we arrived to our temporary home & just shy of 9 months adjusted age, our super content baby boy started crawling. Garren's not crawling in the traditional manner, I don't know that we can even call it an "army crawl," but he is finally on the move!!!

I thought & still think he may skip actual crawling, but he has been getting up on his hands & knees & rocking a bit. I don't know if this will lead to a traditional crawl or if it will just lead to pulling up, which he is trying to do now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost Forgot...

A week or so before our move Garren started refusing purees. So I started giving the boys foods they could pick up & eat themselves, cut small enough to avoid choking. Garren loves it!!! He takes forever to eat though... like an hour!!! Caden & Kellan like it too but give up & want to be fed after a little bit. I give them mostly veggies & fruits but have also given them waffles & cheerios. I need to find some gluten or wheat free cereal though, I have noticed Kellans eczema flares up & his skin dries out when he has foods with it. (Thank you Ashleigh from 2Moms2Dogs2Babies)







 Kellan, Garren & Caden


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