Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Week Already...

I've been here a week now and being in the hospital, as relaxing as it may sound, is not fun and there is nothing relaxing about it at all. There are doctors and nurses poking and prodding at me around the clock. But it is one more week we have kept the boys safe inside!!! :)

I asked the doctor today what the game plan is? I knew I had to stay because my cervix is paper thin, but I wasn't really sure what exactly we were waiting for to happen. Apparently with my cervix as thin as it is and the babies being the size they are, I wouldn't have to dilate completely for them to come out and we definitely don't want to give birth at home or somewhere besides the hospital. The plan is to keep me here until 1. I dilate to the point that the babies have to be born (4-5cm / active labor) or 2. the babies get big enough that they couldn't be born without some effort on my part (dilated & pushing.) The latter of the two is unlikely considering where I'm already at, so I will most likely be here until the boys arrive.

I want what is best for the boys, but it is really hard being here, thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done at home, even though I know it can wait. It is also really hard being apart from Donna and the pups!!!


  1. Sweetie, I have spent time in the hospital and I know how boring and mind numbing it can be. Just keep thinking about your three amigos and their health and you will get thru. Love you!! xxoo

  2. I'm sure that it is driving you nuts not being able to do the things you want to do. But you are right...after the boys come, there will be time to take care of business. Right now, the important thing is your health and the babies bak'n a little longer. Thank goodness for Smart Phones and Laptops at least you can communicate that way.
    Love to you, Donna and the boys. We are still sending positive thoughts and lots of prayers.
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro.

  3. This what I was afraid of you getting bored, BUT another voice saying please keep those kids in the oven as long as you can.We all love you so have Donna bring some yarn or something, and make something cool.

  4. Spring! Do not be concerned about things that need to be finished at home. Giving those boys the time to stay in that environment is the best thing, and not only for them but for you as well. You need to be where the doctors are watching you...pre-clampsia is not something to play around with; this I know very well! Knit, crochet, read..play farmville..;-D Please...it will all be worth it.
    Thinking of you always, Love2U and Donna...Trish



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