Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Donna Felt The Babies!!!

Donna finally felt the babies kick for the first time!!!

For the past couple of nights, the babies have been kicking whenever I put or rest something on my belly. So we've been trying to get Donna to feel them, but they stop kicking everytime she put her hands on my belly. Last night I put a glass of water on my belly and Donna could see when they would kick, kinda funny, great entertainment :) Now, I can not only feel them but I can see where they kick too.

It is very reassuring to be able to feel them, just lets us know they are healthy and strong :)

Not very flattering, but Donna thought this
was funny... me 24 weeks


  1. Good girl...glad to see your feet up! =)

  2. That looks comfy...... All the pillows...... Not the pregnant part. Glad to see you taking it easy! Continue in that fashion... You'll have plenty to do soon enough! You and Donna both!

  3. Finally!!! I got into this blog! Ok,I am not the greatest with technology, but I am learning quickly. I am so, so happy for the both of you! I am so excited about the babies. This is such a fun time, especially when you get to see and feel them move. Enjoy these moments because they are so special. We are looking forward to being able to see y'all when we move down to Georgia. We will be close enough to drive up for a visit. We can't wait to meet the Tilyou Trio! You keep resting and take good care. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

  4. You look comfy! Glad to hear that you 5 are doing good.

  5. love the photo!!! looks so comfy!

    Had any strangers rub your belly yet??

  6. Carrie, Surprisingly no, I've had no strangers rub my belly. I had a waitress that was so intrigued by them that she asked if she could touch my belly, but she asked so that was ok :)



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