Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two Days Old...

Today we got to hold Kellan for the first time today :D
He is doing very well. He's still taking a little oxygen through a canula (nose prongs) His feedings are going very well, he is up to 7cc of milk tonight.
We also got to take his temperature and change his diaper tonight. He squirmed and fussed as Donna took his temp. It was just under his arm, but he didn't want to keep his arm down and he told her about it. He also screamed for me as I tried to change his diaper. It ended up taking both if us to do it. He's so tiny, you feel like you are going to break him and he throws his legs all over the place when you are trying to get the new diaper on, lol. I'm sure we will get plenty of practice before the boys get to leave here!!!

Mama & Kellen
Doesn't she look amazing as a mom?!
Mommy & Kellen
Caden is doing well also. He still needs no assistance with breathing and he is also getting 7cc at his feedings.
He is jaundice however and had to go on light therapy today. They tell us it is very normal for preemies and he may be on the light for a day or two and come off... he may have to go back on again. It's just a thing with preemies :) He is very cute as a glow worm though...

The light pack goes directly on him under his clothes or blanket

Garren is doing good too. He is still on oxygen through a canula (nose prongs) & he is also doing very well with feedings. 
We haven't got to hold him yet, but we will see about that tomorrow.
We feel so awful about him being all the way at the other end of NICU away from his brothers, who are together :( The nurses said they are working on moving him closer, but it may take some time...


  1. Wow... that's all I can say. They are so tiny and cute. Their heads are so full of hair! With all that hair, they are gonna be heart robbers! Love the pics of the two of you holding Kellen. Momma D: you have that glow! Mommy Spring: He looks so alert for you. Now, which two are the identical ones? Why does Garren have to be so far away? Poor litte thing. Glad they are all doing so well.
    Sending lots of love to all.
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  2. They are so tiny, I think a football would look bigger in Donna's arms. And yes she looks amazing as a mom.

    I am so glad that they are doing so well.

    How are you feeling?

  3. wow...amazing beautiful babies! So happy for you both mamas!

  4. A www...I wish you lived here so I could take care of them in our NICU! They're adorable and seem to be doing so well! Be prepared for some ups and downs. With preemies is usually one step forward and two steps back. But I know they will be amazing and strong! I'm so thrilled for you guys...and you both look great as new mommies!

  5. Hey Donna what is that in your arms, not your son it must be a peanut. LOL
    Wow what great pic's thanks
    May GOD Continue to bless your family

  6. You both look great with those beautiful boys, keep talking and touching Garren, he soon enough will be on the other side, just keep letting him know you are there,touch is so important and so is hearing your comforting voices. They all look really great, Love to your new family, god bless!
    Love Trish

  7. Awww! Yay! They are so precious! I am absolutely thrilled for you both! I was truly moved to tears by the news of their arrival. I know I've said it a hundred times in every other email, but I can't help it, Congratulations again! :) Love & hugs, Shannon

  8. I'm so glad everything is going well. Caleb even had jaundice and he was 8.5 lbs...normal in most babies I heard...but they are just absolutley adorable :)



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