Monday, September 2, 2013

We Are Back!!!

Whew! That was a long vacation!!!
We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone & spending time with family but let me just say that 2 weeks away from home with 2 years olds is TOO long! Donna & I are completely exhausted!

McDonalds playground fun

First pic with Ronald McDonald

The boys did fantastic in the car, they watched videos, played with small toys I had hidden away for the past couple months, ate snacks they don't normally get & played on McDonalds Playgrounds along the way. The car rides were what we were most concerned about leading up to this trip but they turned out to be the least of our problems.
All 3 of the boys had a hard time adjusting to being someplace new. Their sleep schedules were messed up, they were eating at all different times & they were super emotional. Caden & Kellan were very clinging & cried quite a bit. They did however play really well with all the other kids & discovered a few new tricks while we were away. They bonded with some special aunts, uncles & cousins and they had lots and lots of Mom-mom time!!!

Aunt Buffy, Dalton & Devin

Cousins! Blakey, Braelyn, Garren & Devin

We started our trip at 5am on a Saturday morning & headed to TN where my aunt lives with 2 of her grandsons & my uncle & his family live. They both recently bought new homes which were absolutely beautiful. We spent Saturday, Sunday & Monday there with them & then headed off to NY where the majority of Donna's extended family lives. We were in NY from late Tuesday night to the following Wednesday morning when we loaded up & headed back to TN. The original plan was to spend Labor Day weekend in TN & head home Sunday but the trip had been so long & so hard on the boys that we decided to cut it short & head home on Friday. This also gave my parents the opportunity to bring the cat & the pups back to us & spend the weekend here.

Running to Grandma & Grandpa our first chilly morning

More details to come but I just thought I'd say "we're back!" for now :)

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