Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I thought I posted this back in June, I guess not...

Well here we are, the other side of a 4 month long transitional move & we survived! LOL

We've been in our new house back in the town we lived in when we conceived the boys 7 years ago. So I guess that means we've come full circle...

Anyways, our closings both went smoothly, we closed on our old house the day we were scheduled to & we were able to move the closing on our new house up a few days since the boys got out of school a day earlier than expected. Everything happened so smoothly we were sure something would go terribly wrong any moment... not the case though. I think we may have had a guardian angle guiding us along the way back to where we really belonged.

I'm so in love with our new house! It really suits our needs so much more than our last house. We aren'y completely unpacked yet but mostly. We still have pictures to hang & a room to furnish but also the boys to keep entertained since it is summertime. We are getting there slowly but surely.

The boys have settled in nicely & LOVE having Grandma so close! The pups have also settled in well. Cecil Cat has also survived the moved, Murphee however decided she wasn't making the move & took up with a neighbor a few doors down. It is probably for the best since she decided she was a an indoor/outdoor cat. Our old neighborhood is complete as far as building goes & our new neighborhood still has a lot of construction going on.

We are still finding kid friendly, fun things to do here since we didn't have kids when we lived here before. Funny how your perspective changes...

So I just wanted to give a quick update now that we are mostly settled, I will get caught up on pending posts & back to regularly scheduled blogging soon.

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