Friday, February 10, 2012

NOT The Best Experience :(

We had the boys second 8 week helmet check-up yesterday. It's been a total of 16 weeks in the helmets now.
While the boys are making great progress, their appointment was a disaster!!!
It started Tuesday when the office called to see if we could come earlier in the day than we were scheduled. I couldn't do it so they said they needed to reschedule us for another day. That was fine & they rescheduled us for Thursday. Wednesday they called again and said our appointment time was fine but that they were changing our appointment to the nurse practitioner instead of the physicians assistant. We were fine with that too.
We arrived & the technician that does their scans took us right back. She scanned all 3 boys then took us to a room. The NP came in asked about the boys & went over Kellans scan with us, she then adjusted his helmet. She moved on to Garren & Caden, starting with adjusting their helmets. Well she was having difficulty loosening the screws & making the adjustments. We could see her getting flustered & finally she said she needed to let her other patients know she was running behind & she left the room...
She was gone for about a half hour before sticking her head back in the door & telling us she just had one more patient to see & she would be back with us. Well needless to say Donna & I were a little upset with what was going on. We had 3 boys that were missing their naps & therefore getting bottles early to help keep them calm. The bottles were gone at this point & they were all tired of sitting in their stroller & getting very cranky. I wondered how many other patients at the plastic surgeons office had 3 infants with them?!?!?!
Well she finally came back, she was trying to be pleasant & apologetic but I could tell she was still flustered & I'm pretty sure she could tell we were not pleased with being left while she tended to other patients. She quickly finished the last helmet & sent us on our way. She never did go over Caden & Garrens scans with us. Nor did she discuss the plan for the next 8 weeks, which we just assumed we would be coming back in.
I noticed on our appointment card when we got home that our next appointment is scheduled with her again. I will be calling to get it rescheduled with the PA. I know everyone has bad days, I've been in her situation before working in a salon but, I never left a difficult client waiting while I moved on to another appointment, that is just not professional in my opinion.
Ok, I'm done ranting now & here are some photos of the boys scans.

The original scan is on the left, their last
scan & then yesterdays scan on the right
(He doesn't have a big bump on the left side of his head,
it's just where she missed a spot with the scanner)


  1. Sorry y'all had such a bad experience. Caden's head looks GREAT!! And the other two have improved a lot too!

    1. Thanks! Funny that Caden's looks so good, I really thought he had the worst head still. Then Kellan then Garren. Even our pediatrician thought Garren was done with his helmet. Strange how it looks so different from real life to the scans :)



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