Sunday, February 19, 2012


Friday, while we were at my mom's, a friend of hers came by to meet the boys. She was a very very friendly lady & she brought some fresh, organic beets & carrots from her garden.
I hadn't really thought about giving the boys beets but, Donna & I both love them, so my mom steamed them up & ran them through her food processor for the boys. Well the boys LOVED them!!! For their first taste I just gave them a taste in between bites if their actual dinner. The next night I mixed in some turkey & fed it to them for dinner. Well after having to bath each of the boys after dinner I decided we would just give them beets as a side dish, they are SUPER messy!!!

 This photo cracks me up!!!


  1. LOL @ the mess!!! A friend loaned me a juicer and I plan on juicing some beets. Having kiddos that like beets is pretty cool!

  2. I gave the girls beets and they loved them too. I did golden beets instead (not thinking about the mess though - the organic golden beets looked better than the red ones).



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