Saturday, February 18, 2012

Road Trip #3...

This past weekend we took a little trip to south Georgia to see Nana & Papa (my mom & step dad.) We wanted to get the most of our long weekend so we decided to leave Thursday night after Donna got off work. We fed the boys & the pups dinner, let them play a little bit & then gave the boys their bottles. As soon as they finished their bottles we loaded everyone up & hit the road. We left about an hour later than we had planned but the drive went great! The boys slept the whole way, we just stopped for bathroom breaks & gas. The boys had a little trouble settling back down after we arrived but they weren't too bad considering we had to set up the pack & plays before we could put them to bed.

We had a fantastic visit with everyone. Saturday my sister, brother in law & nephew came up to visit too. The boys got a lot of cuddle time with everyone & the pups goy to run & run & run. (my parents have lots of land) Chandler, my nephew was extra snuggly too. He's never really climbed up on me to hug or be held & he did this time :) While we were there Kellan really mastered his crawling.

 My nephew, Chandler 

 Garren & Eason

Chandler, Caden & Kellan
(Donna & Haddie in the background)

We decided to drive home at night again & did the same as when we drove down, only this time we got on the road just before the boys bedtime instead of just after. This got us home at 1am instead of 2:30am & we had the same results with the boys sleeping the whole way & they went right back to sleep when we got home :)

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