Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bath Time Fun!!!

The boys got an early birthday present...

They are seats for the bath tub. The boys love taking baths & I always feel so bad rushing them through it & not letting them play in the water longer but, when you have 3 boys to bathe, time is of the essence, especially for my knees. Even hurrying it takes an hour to get them all bathed, lathered in lotion & cream, & dressed. So I thought it might be fun for them to all play in the tub together & when a friend asked what the boys needed this is what I told her :) Of course the day they arrived I just had to try them out.

Garren did great, he sat in his seat & played with his toys & giggled at his brothers. Kellan also did good, although he wanted to play with the toys on his brothers seat. Caden, well he tried to climb out of his chair. He thrashed around trying to lay down & when that didn't work he just threw himself sideways tipping the seat. This would be why I didn't want to bathe them all at once without seats, Caden wants to lay on his back & splash with his legs, Kellan wants to turn onto his stomach so he can get on his hands & knees, and Garren is content doing whatever but would surely get knocked over by his brothers antics.

I only have photos of Kellan & Garren because of Cadens attempt to jump overboard...

Garren (right) is quite comical these days with his facial expressions.

Thank you Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro for the seats!!! Last night Caden did learn that he can splash with his hands too so they will all be back in the tub together again tomorrow :o)


  1. awwwwwwww scrub a dub dub talk about fun in the tub with my favorite other brothers! splish splash now bath time is a blast and its so much easier on my mother!

  2. So cute! We just got the girls a "big girl" tub. It's a little inflatable tub that fits in ours. I do them one at a time though. Although, I'm sure they would have a blast being in there together!

  3. Believe it or not I had a tub seat like that for my little ones....the youngest now being 18!!! :( I remember how much easier it made bath time! It really did allow for more play time in the tub. I would think with three these seats would be crucial! It must make things so much easier! I am sure that once Caden gets used to it and sees his brothers having so much fun, he will love it! I am also super impressed that you are able to fit all three in the tub together!



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