Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have been thinking for a while of a fun new name for the blog. When we first called it "Tilyou Triplets," I thought that had a nice ring to it, not as plain as "Smith Triplets." But the longer I'm in the blog world the more blogs I find named with just the last name & "Triplets," so I have decided to change our blog name/title. The URL (www.TilyouTriplets.blogspot.com) will stay the same, just the title on the page with change & if you happen to look under a blog list the name will now show up as "30 Fingers, 30 Toes..." I will eventually change the banner picture to an updated photo but right now I'm not ready to stop using the boys newborn photos. Maybe after they turn a year... maybe not :P

This was the first design I came up with,
but I couldn't do without a photo
& I couldn't make this work with the photo I wanted to use.
Maybe I'll visit it again later when I change photos?

The winning design... 
Not too much design to it, but I LOVE the photo!!!

I hope you enjoy the change!!!

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