Monday, February 13, 2012

Teethers & Dog Bones

I debated on posting about this... Didn't want to gross anyone out, but if I'm going to continue to share our adventures with triplets, I must share it all, LOL!!!

That said, if babies & dogs interacting is offensive to you skip this post.

So the boys are moving around quite a bit now. I wouldn't call it a full fledged crawl, but Caden & Kellan get to where they want to be via their hands & knees. Garren also gets around via rolling & spinning on his belly.

Until now, Haddie & Eason have always been safe to carry a bone to a corner & chew it peacefully but more & more the pups want to interact/share with the boys. It started with Haddie bringing her ball to them in an attempt to get one of them to throw it for her. When that didn't work she started bringing her stuffed toys to them. Of course all these things head directly towards their mouths.

Well the other night Donna & I were eating dinner while the boys played in the living room floor. The pups had their bones & had taken them to their corners to chew in peace. Suddenly I noticed it was a little quieter than usual & said to Donna, "why do I feel like I'm going to turn around & someone is going to down the hall or someplace?" I turned around & all 3 boys were still in the living room... Each one had a toy in hand/mouth... OMG KELLAN IS CHEWING A DOG BONE!!!

There are no pictures because I took it from as quick as I could!!!

Over the past few days I have noticed that Eason has observed Haddie offering her ball & stuffed animals & now he gives his bones to the boys. I have repeatedly taken a bone from Kellan, even once while lounging with his Mama on the couch watching tv. I have tried to convince Eason to take his bone elsewhere to chew but this pup LOVES his babies & generally does not leave them out of sight. (he even goes in their room & checks on them if one fusses during nap time) Kellan has also started chasing Haddie when she has her bone. Haddie will share toys but definitely NOT food or bones. He must really really like them because he screams when I take them away, from him or the pups.

So we have decided that instead of the pups getting their bones when we have dinner, they are going to have to wait until the boys go to bed & we will not be able to let leftovers linger on the floor for the next day.


  1. Sharing is caring ;) Don't feel bad- my babies have gotten in the cat's food bowl (more than once.) It's bound to happen. One of you, three of them going each direction. I can only imagine what other things we will encounter on this adventure!!!! :)

    1. Oh yeah... I've had to start putting the dog bowls up. The boys have tried chewing on those too, lol...



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