Friday, February 3, 2012

9 Month Check-Up

The boys had their 9 month check-up yesterday. They are all doing really well & Dr H. is quite happy with their development & growth :)

Here's how they are measuring up:

Garren is 19lbs 14oz, 27.5" long & has a head circumference of 18"
still in the 75th percentile
Kellan is 21lbs, 28.5" long & has a head circumference of 18"
still in the 90th percentile
Caden is 21lbs 9oz, 28.5" & has a head circumference of 18.75"
down to the 90th percentile from 95th percentile

They had their iron levels checked which all came back great & they got a Hep B vaccine. There are normally no vaccines at 9 months but because they didn't get their first Hep B vaccine until they were a month old, they were slightly off schedule with that. They also had their teeth varnished at this visit & Dr H. said their 2 front teeth on top are on their way... oh fun!!! Actually they have all been chewing and pushing their thumbs or pacifiers into their top gums for a while now, other than a little sleep disruption teething hasn't been super bad. (fingers crossed that I didn't just jinx it by saying that out loud)

The boys are up to 32oz of milk (formula) a day & they are eating 2 to 3 tablespoons of food 3 times a day. We are going to work on doubling their food intake & cutting back their milk by 8oz. This should be interesting... the boys love to eat but they LOVE their milk!!! We are also going to add meat to their diets once a day now.

Their colds are gone for the most part now, still a little congestion but no more runny noses & their ear infections have all cleared up. Lets just hope we can stay healthy for a little while now!!

Kellan & Caden

Caden rocking on his hands & knees, looking determined...

Kellan rocking on his hands & knees...

Kellan, Garren & Caden playing with a couple of their new toys



Caden, that tongue has been hanging out a lot lately...

Haddie trying to get Garren to throw her ball for her...

Garren picking up the ball...

& he tried to put it in his mouth, YUCK!!!

Garren making a funny face (also very common the past couple weeks) Caden & Kellan

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  1. Big boys! They weigh as much as or more than my boys do at 12 months! Great job Mom!



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