Thursday, February 16, 2012

GO!!! ...{Kellan}

Kellan is officially crawling. He is still a little unsteady & falls to his tummy every 3rd or 4th step but, I have had to really keep my eye on him or he disapears...
He's really curious about the other areas of the house now & he made it to the kitchen 4 times today & in the pups water bowl once. He cornered Haddie twice, which was very comical & has crawled to the opening of the hall to just stare down it. It must look like a long way to go because he heads back to the living room from there.
Kellan is also learning to climb. Right now it's just on top of toys & Eason but, he is eyeballing the coffee table quite often & has tried reaching for objects on it.

 We are working on baby proofing NOW!!!

 Eason offering a little encouragement kiss

He gets really upset when he can't figure out how to get up there

 Eason is such a good sport, he hangs in there with the boys even when they are all over him

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  1. Go Kellan! That's awesome. We're in the same boat. Quinn, especially, is on the move non-stop! I just posted a video on my blog of her going for Finn's bowl (while he was eating!).



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