Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Months Old!!!

{Adjusted age 7 months 2 weeks}

This cannot be happening!
Not this fast!
I swear it's too soon!

My baby boys are 10 months old already!!!
It feels like I was just sitting in the hospital trying to keep them in just a little longer.
Well here they are 2 months from turn 1 year old.

This past month has been crazy. The boys are growing & learning everyday & it seems like whatever they learn today just leads to something new tomorrow.

I'll start with Garren, he has become the biggest comedian of the group. He is smiling & laughing all the time & always doing something to make his brothers laugh. He knows how to work a crowd, flashing a smile, cutting a look, or chatting away. He is still the most content baby which might be why he is still showing no interest in crawling. He rolls & spins all over the place but mostly he is happy where ever we sit him down & he will make do with whatever toy is closest. Look out though, if one of the other boys is close by Garren will snatch their toy in a second. Don't take his though, it is one of the few things that makes him scream, taking his toys and his brothers pulling his hair. Garren has also mastered the pincer grasp & he claps & waves.

waiting at the doctors office...

Kellan is in some kind of race with himself. He started crawling a couple weeks ago & he's already getting into a sitting position on his own, climbing over & on things & pulling up to his knees. He pulled up onto his feet once but we're waiting for him to repeat that again. He is also quite the comedian & loves making his brothers laugh. Kellan is becoming very aware of things around him, he watches what others are doing and will now follow to see where we/they are going. He follows me to the kitchen, Donna to the bathroom & while we were at my moms he would follow us all to the kitchen or down the hall.

little monkey!!!

sitting up on his own

trying to get on his feet

Caden is also crawling & just today pulled himself up to his knees. He loves being entertained by his brothers & just laughs & laughs at them. When he wants a toy one of his brothers has & can't get it away, he will just chew it while they hold it. He has also been caught drinking from his brothers bottle while they held onto it trying to keep it from him.

pulling up to his knees

hanging at the doctors office...

All of the boys still only have their 2 bottom teeth. They drool like crazy & chew on anything they can get in their mouth. I don't know what is taking so long with the rest of their teeth?!? They are down to three 8 ounce bottles a day, so we were successful in weaning back to 24 ounces daily & they are eating a lot more food.

These pics are for Mama & Great Uncle Rick (the Dallas fans)

Kellan, Caden & Garren

trying on their shorts, getting ready for FL weather...

 cute little butts!!!

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