Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Introduction of Meat...

This is not something I have been looking forward to. I am not a huge meat lover myself & have some strange issues with chicken.

We started the boys with ground turkey. Not for any particular reason other than that is what I had in the freezer. I sauteed it up in a little olive oil, minced it & gave the boys a taste before mixing it in with some veggies.

The boys were not crazy about it on its own & it was still a bit of a challenge to get them to eat it mixed in with green beans. The second night I mixed it with broccoli & that seemed to be a little better.

Caden with his "it's the camera during dinner again" look
I'm going to try some baby food recipes I have found online & hopefully that will make these bland foods a little better & dinner time a little more fun :)


  1. Im not a huge meat person either so I can understand, and the only meats I adore arent baby safe! Do you make all your baby food?

    1. I do make all my baby food. Until now it has just consisted of steaming or roasting fruits & veggies & then pureeing them in a blender or mashing them. I've just started experimenting with mixing things & adding spices. It's a process because you can only introduce 1 new food or spice at a time until you know they are not allergic to it.

  2. I love their faces....says it all!!! I love that you make your baby food. It just HAS to be better than the jarred stuff. I will definitely do that this time around. You continue to amaze me though with three and still able to do so much, such as making their food, knitting, are truly an inspiration!

  3. Hi! I'm friends with Robin Myers and she told me about your triplets and your blog! I also live in WS and have triplets (plus one more). It's crazy, right? My trips never liked meat much. I always had to mix it into things like mashed potatoes and even pureed fruit (gross, I know) to get them to eat it. I think it's just an acquired taste that takes a bit longer. They all eat beef and chicken now, so they eventually figured it out. Good luck with the boys, they'll be 1 before you know it!




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