Sunday, January 29, 2012

9 Months Old

I know I say this every month but, I just can't believe it has been 9 months already!!!
Garren, Kellan & Caden, 9 months exactly!!!
I think this is the first photo with them all smiling
It's been a busy busy month for all of us & I am one tired mommy because of it.

The boys are growing like crazy! We moved them into 9 month clothes in December & they are already busting out of them. We have already gotten them some 12 months pajamas & we have moved into 12 month onesies. I think our routine went all crazy earlier this month due to growth spurts. The boys were napping on different schedules than each other & for different lengths of time. It was hair pulling for me. I have always had them on the same schedule, when one wakes I wake them all, when one eats they all eat, everybody gets new diapers at the same time, this just keeps my mind together & I don't have to guess or try to remember who's done what. So having a baby awake at all times has made for some long days but, we are back on track now :)

All 3 boys are sitting up well on their own. Garren is finally spending more playtime on his tummy & Caden & Kellan are well on their ways to crawling. Each of them still only has their 2 bottom teeth but, they are all teething like crazy & I believe working on some top teeth. They take turns going through "chatty" periods. It's been Garren the past week or so, he mostly babbles dadada, lol...
The boys & the pups are interacting more with each other. Haddie & Eason have always been very protective & have always stayed close to the boys. Haddie now pushes her toys to the boys, I'm sure in hopes that one of them will throw it for her but she's had no luck yet. Kellan crawls/rolls after Eason. Eason's not real sure about babies on the move yet & usually just keeps backing up little by little. The boys also interact with each other a lot more now that they are sitting. It's like they have discovered a new world & have so much to say to each other about it. I love just sitting and watching them chatter with each other & snatch toys from each other. Garren is the biggest toy thief but Kellan & Caden are not shy about snatching something right out of the others mouth.

The boys are getting 3 meals of baby food a day & are still taking 4 bottles a day apiece. They are also snacking on "puffs," "baby mum mums," & "yogurt melts." The snacks are mostly for practice right now & Haddie & Eason get more of the puffs & yogurt melts than the boys do but the boys do great with the mum mums.

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