Monday, April 11, 2011

SERIOUSLY... Another UTI?!?!

I can't believe I have a 3rd UTI!!! So annoying, I will take antibiotics twice a day for 10 days then switch to a maintenance dose once a day until I deliver... UTI's can cause pre-term labor... who knew?

On a happier note, the boys got a very nice gift card from their Great Great Aunt Edna & Uncle Bob!!!
Thank you both so much!!!

And thank you to my Aunt Onalee for contributing towards our cloth diapering endeavors :)


  1. So sorry to hear about this!

    We also cloth diaper our boys! Love them!

  2. Thank you.

    What brand(s) do you use? Did you start them right away in preemies or wait until they were big enough for the regular sized diapers?

  3. Please explain again these cloth diapers thingys??? I was trying to tell Aunt Ro about them but can't remember what they are called.

    Hope all is well. UTI... that's a new one... what is it???

    Stay positive... almost to 28 wks. :-)
    Love Ya
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  4. Pat,
    You can check out the cloth diapers website... it is in the right column under "registered at" it's
    UTI = urinary track infection :( common in pregnancy but not good to have a bunch of them...



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