Sunday, April 24, 2011

29 Weeks on Easter!!!

We've made it one more week with boys where they need to be... WOOHOO 29 Weeks!!!
It's been a pretty decent week considering where I am. The babies are doing fantastic. Their heart rates get checked every 4 hours and are always good. They kick up a storm and try to get away from the monitors, giving the nurses hell when it comes to tracking them. They are definitely Donna's kids!!! lol...
My blood pressure has remained normal. I HAVE ANKLES AGAIN!!! My blood sugar levels are good and my contractions remain irregular and not painful. I tried to convince the nurses that I don't really have pre-eclampsia or diabetes, but I think they are choosing to believe the doctors over me :P

Who knew you could outgrow a maternity shirt?!

Baby C making my belly lop-sided

We also had a good Easter. A friend of ours here brought us Easter dinner to the hospital. It was fantastic and a feast!!! We had ham, deviled eggs, mac & cheese, asparagus, potatoes, yeast rolls, pretzel salad, lemon meringue pie & brownies, whew... couldn't eat it all, but I'll definitely be snacking on it for the next couple of days :) Thank you Cherie!!!
I hope all of you also had a terrific Easter


  1. 29 weeks is WONDERFUL!!! Im so happy for you it brings tears to my eyes!! You are going to have a wonderful life with three wonderful boys and a partner who loves you more than anything! xxoo

  2. We are glad you had a Happy Easter, inspite of where you had to be. Sounds like a good feast.
    Great news...29 weeks...whaawhooo....every day is good. You think those three move around now, just wait until they are about 18 mos old... you will be running to catch'em.
    Love and prayers com'n your way as always.
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  3. By the way


  4. Happy Birthday Mommy, not a great place to be but considering the cirumstances you should be beaming.

    I am glad that everyone is doing great and that you have ankles again, great birthday present.

    By the way, any pictures????????

  5. 29 weeks and counting!!! Whoo Hoo! I am really glad you guys had a nice Easter and Kudos to your friends who went through the trouble. Sounds like they went all out..yum! Keep up the good work good for those nurses ;-D
    Sending you love and prayers every day.
    Love to you both, Trish

  6. Thank you Carrie, That is very sweet & I'm very hormonal, so now I'm crying...

    There will be pictures coming soon, I don't keep my camera here, Donna brings it every so often so I can see whats going on at home & I can download pics for the blog...

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes and the prayers!!!

  7. Oh Babies!!! I can't believe they let you stand up! Get back in bed and stay there! We are banking on getting you over 30 weeks! But you do look good, keep smiling are in the home stretch and we are all waiting for you and the boys at the finish line! Love2U, Trish

  8. That Belly is AMAZING!!! lol made me giggle!

  9. Wow... you look fantastic! Love that smile, and you already have a mom's glow.
    Looks like they are taking good care of you there in the hospital.
    Two more days down... more to go...
    Love to All
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro



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