Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Have A Crib...

A BIG Thank You to Bob & Sandy!!!

I opened the front door this afternoon and was greeted by a great big box that said "caution package weighs over 70lbs." It was a crib & of course I left in on the porch until Donna got home :)
After dinner, while I took a nap, Donna put the crib together. I woke up in time to catch the last part of it being assembled.
Having a crib in their room sure makes having a baby (or 3) a lot more real. I looked over at Donna when she had it all done and in place and she kind of looked sick. I asked what was wrong? She said "I think I just thought you were getting fat, really fat." THANKS BABE!!!

Donna working hard...

The first of three...

Donna still looking shocked...


  1. Here is the really big question, if two more arrive, are all three going to fit in the room?

  2. What great mommies you both will be! It looks like you are really preparing and enjoying these moments. I am so happy and excited for you both! I love reading your stories! Much love and yea!!! so wonderful those big babies are doing great! Xoxo to all

  3. Yes, the bedroom is 14 x 15, we really lucked out there!!! We can get 3 across one wall, 2 sideways and 1 centered (kind of a c or u shape) then the dresser on the opposite wall and a toy box and rocking chair in front of the window. I don't know if we will stay here when our lease is up, we found another area of W-S we like a lot better, but as long as the room has a 12' wall we can get 3 cribs in :)

  4. 94 days to go... Yes reality should be setting in by now. I must say, the two of you are a wonderful caring and sharing couple. These three little boys don't know how lucky they are to have the two of you for parents.
    Let me know if you need some help in the sewing dept... I have a sewing maching in the box crying to be used.
    Love to All
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  5. That look on Donna's face looks very familiar :) I believe Dave had the same one when we started putting Jacks room together!

  6. Thank you Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro, that is very sweet. You can knock about 56 days off of that timeline though. Those count-downs are for a single 40 week pregnancy, our dr only expects us to get to about 32 weeks, which would be around May 15th... YIKES!!!

    Melanie... LOL... I think they have very similar responses to major life events :)

  7. It's so wonderful to be able to follow your journey on here! I *second* all the comments about how lucky these boys are to have such wonderful moms in their lives! I can't wait to see the escapades your family will have! :)



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