Friday, April 8, 2011

Fetal Cardiac Specialist and 1 More Crib...

A BIG  Thank you to Cheryl for the 3rd and final crib!!!

I can't believe we have 3 cribs!!!

And another BIG Thank You to Dan & Karin, Gene & Lila, & Carol for the mattress!!!

Donna has been a busy busy woman...

We went to see the Fetal Cardiac Specialist today. My Maternal Fetal doctor (perinatologist) suggested we go because they have not been able to get really good looks at all 3 of the boys hearts, especially Baby C who is wedged between Baby A & B.
What he did not tell us was that my diabetes could affect the babies hearts & that is what they were checking for.
Baby A was very cooperative as usual and his heart is perfect, he has all the parts he's suppose to have and everything is the right size :)
Baby C was more cooperative than usual & he also has all the parts he is suppose to have, but he has some mild thickening of the membrane/muscle between the chambers. That is what the diabetes causes. The cardiologist said it was mild and would correct itself as my sugar stabilized.
Baby B was uncooperative :(  he is so low and the other 2 are right on top of him so it was impossible to get a look at his heart other than to just see it beating & it was :)
We go back in 4 weeks to try again with Baby B, that is of course as long as I don't have them before then, lol...
The cardiologist said if she doesn't get to look at him before I have them, she will see him in the hospital right after birth to make sure his heart is good, but from what she could see, he looks good.

Donna wanted to try the mattress out...

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