Thursday, April 7, 2011

NICU Tour & More Baby Stuff!!!

A BIG Thank You to Donna's Aunt & Cousins, Aunt Sis, Keith & Joanne, Janet & Pat, Lynda & Marty, Ken & Kim, & Gary & Nancy for the high chairs!!!

& BIG Thank You's to Dan & Karin, Gene & Lila, & Carol for the crib!!!

& another BIG Thank you to Anne for your contribution to the boys funds!!!

These boys are going to know more love from more people than anyone could have imagined!!!

Donna working hard again...

1 of 3 of our cute high chairs :)

We went on a NICU tour today, It was actually reassuring and not as scary as I thought it would be.
I dont "want" our boys to have to go there, but chances are they will & we both feel better about it now.
The babies there were so tiny I could barely see them in their little beds under their blankets, but we did get to see one close up, she was born at 29 weeks and weighed 1lb 15oz, that is smaller than the boys are now, so it gave us a little perspective as to our babies size and whats in my belly.

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