Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back In The Hospital...

I woke up late monday night with bad pains in my lower belly and in the right side of my lower back. Honestly I thought it was bad gas at first, but after an hour it hadn't moved and I couldn't sit or stand or lay down anymore. So I woke up Donna and called my doctor who said to head to the hospital...
We arrived to triage about 1:30am and were taken right in. Turned out the pain was from the UTI my midwife had diagnosed earlier that day, but it was moving into my kidney & causing a great deal of pain.
And of course while I was there, the triage doc decided to check my cervix...
And now I have less than a centimeter, NOT GOOD!!!

So that's what got me admitted, they took me right into labor & delivery and started treating me for pre-term labor with steroids for the boys lungs and magnesium for a couple things. Talk about loopy. I wasn't even aloud to get out of my bed to use the bathroom. The magnesium made my legs like jello, I couldn't focus on anything & I'm not sure if I made any sense when I talked, but decided Facebook & blogging weren't a good idea until I was off the magnesium, lol.

I was taken off the magnesium this morning and got my last steroid yesterday morning, so today they moved me from labor & delivery to antepardum. Antepardum has much more comfortable beds & the nurses don't come in & harass you so often. I'm also finally able to get up to go to the bathroom & I was able to shower, YAY!!! I also get food now, I was on clear liquids for 2 days while on the magnesium.

My Dad is still here, he had come up to stay with me while Donna worked out of town for a couple days. Needless to say Donna did not go out of town. She ended up taking the rest of the week off (but going in for a couples hours yesterday & today) and her & my Dad have been running back & forth between me & the dogs.

Right now I'm just hanging out & resting. Tomorrow morning I have an ultrasound to measure the boys & to check my cervix. I will find out then if I am here for the duration or if they will let me go home.

And here's a wonderful picture Donna took with my phone...

I will update again when we have more news, in the meantime please pray that these boys stay put for as long as possible.


  1. You are all in my thoughts. Best wishes! Stay put boys!

  2. Oh my goodness! We are praying for you and the boys. I hope they are nice and comfy in there and stay a little longer. Magnesium is some nasty stuff (I had that too lol) thankfully you are off of that and can stay off of it!

  3. Take care Spring (and Donna ) and know that lots of prayers are headed yalls way!!

  4. Tell the little men I said wait another 2 months at least. The world really isn't ready for 3 more boys, yet. It needs time to prepare. :) Also, tell them there will be plenty of time to enjoy the world when they get here, there is no need to rush.
    All my love to you both!

  5. Ugh...Mag sucks!!!

    Praying for no cervical changes!!!

  6. Hey Spring, you, Donna & the boys are all in my prayers! What does the magnesium do? I hope you aren't in pain, listen to the doctors and try and be a good patient.

    Thank you for keeping us posted!

    linda Fee-Cosentino

  7. Keeping all 5 of you in my thoughts! XXOO -

  8. My vote is home if I get a vote. LOL



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