Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend & Our Furry Family Comes Home

We all had a great nights sleep on our fist night home from vacation!

My Dad & Marie arrived about 10:30 am on Saturday with the pup pups & kitty cat. Donna had run to the store so I went out to help bring our furry family in. I was pleasantly greeted with kisses from Haddie right in the car, Eason was wagging his non existent tail so hard I thought he'd throw his back out, lol... I brought them in the house first before going back to find little miss Murphee. The boys were so excited to see the pups & the feeling was mutual, the dogs chased the boys & the boys chased the dogs, it was hilarious! Murphee had hidden herself away under the front passenger seat & didn't come out willingly but I did get her out & into the house of chaos. She joined in & greeted each of the boys not quite letting any of them touch her. Garren was dying to see her so I held her so he could give her a kiss & hug.

It was a pretty lazy day. We were still recovering from vacation exhaustion & just hung out around the house visiting. Marie had brought everything to make dinner, she is good like that, lol... So I cooked up the peppers, onions & brats & we had a summer feast with pasta salad & potato chips.

Sunday morning we took the boys swimming at the pool & Sunday afternoon Donna & I headed out for an afternoon date. I made dinner that night & we ordered an on demand movie after the boys went to bed, another sort of lazy day.

Monday morning Marie helped me go through the boys' closet & reorganize it which was a huge bit of help. She took 4 boxes of clothes to give back to my bonus sisters, I packed up a box of stuff for my expecting sister, 3 boxes of stuff to donate & I had 2 boxes of trash when we were done. It's amazing the amount of stuff that was in there & it is still pretty full but there is now space to walk in & some shelf space for storage. We will have to stock up on winter clothes soon but we're waiting until the last minute so the boys don't outgrow them before they wear them. Currently Caden & Kellan can still wear 2T pants but I'm afraid they may be in 3T by the time the weather gets cool. They are in 3T shirts already. I think that Garren will be fine in 2T clothes since he is a little shorter than his brothers (for now) but I'm not taking any chances, lol...

My parents left right after the boys went down for naps & Donna & I lounged around for the rest of the day soaking up the last few relaxing moments before our vacation was officially over & she headed back to work Tuesday morning.

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