Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rough Week

Donna sent me out this yesterday morning. I didn't have anyone to meet or any place I really needed to go so I decided to take the dogs to the beach for a walk.

Caden, Garren & the sick one, Kellan

Kellan & Caden

It's been a bit of a rough week here, last Monday started with Kellan coughing & just being cranky, Tuesday he was quite miserable & his cough was worse & he had a fever, by the time I got him to the doctor on Wednesday in addition to his cough, general misery & fever his nose had also let loose. Everything sounded & looked good on the inside & it was decided he had croup. There isn't a treatment for croup as it is a virus & just has to run its course. The next couple of nights were hard on him as his cough kept waking him up & he was having a hard time resting (in turn, so was mom!)

Caden's ER worthy look

He was happy with his ride until I pulled
out my phone to take a photo, lol...

Caden entertaining himself while
waiting for his test results

And right back to his spot on
the couch when we got home

Thursday morning Caden woke with same cough Kellan had, since it was most likely the same thing I didn't call the doctor. His other symptoms kicked in quicker than Kellan's though & by Sunday he was in really rough shape, crying every time he coughed or sneezed & not getting any rest. Donna & I decided he should be seen, so I took him to the ER. The doctors comments were "his breathing sounds tight, his lungs sound clear, his right ear is red & so is his throat." She suggested we run tests for the flu, strep, RSV & do a chest X-ray, so we did. He tested positive for RSV :( but everything else was fine including his chest X-ray. The ER doctor said to follow up with his pediatrician to keep an eye & hopefully keep it from going to pneumonia. 

I started giving Caden & Kellan breathing treatments after we got home from the ER (the dr there said it might help) & they both took the longest naps they had had in a week. They also slept better Sunday night than they had in a week. They did wake up at 3:30 am hungry but they haven't been eating well & barely touched their dinner so I gave them some graham crackers & milk & they went back to bed & slept until after 9 this morning. They look much better than they have & aren't coughing as hard but they still have runny noses & now Garren does too, he's also tugging at his ear :(

Lots of crying :(

Amidst all of this sickness the boys have been screaming & crying pretty much non-stop. They are fighting with each other, whining over their own misery, not eating, & needing to be held constantly! I was at my wits end by the weekend & it wasn't near over yet which is why Donna sent me out this morning. 

High tide!

Eason & Haddie after a nice
walk in the rain on the beach

The dogs & I had a nice but rainy walk on the beach. Eason chased the water as the waves came & went, Haddie ran from the water as it came up, lol. They both enjoyed running in the sand & just getting out for a while without the kiddos.
The boys all went to see Dr J this morning and so far we have no ear infections but some redness & fluid so I will keep my eye on that. Caden still has some tightness in his chest so I will continue the breathing treatments on him & hopefully everyone will be back to themselves in the next couple of days!


  1. What a week indeed! I thought my week has been challenging but you win! I hope things start getting better. Glad you got out for the walk with the dogs - the "easy" children, as I like to call Riley and Finn :)

  2. Hello! I just came across your blog from another one I read and wanted to say hi. Your boys are adorable and so, so cute! My wife and I live in Orlando and have a son that was born in Oct 2011. We also got knocked up by Dr. Riggall. Small world! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I hope your boys feel better soon!

    1. So great to hear from you! It is such a small world indeed, lol...
      We are in Orlando often to see our parents, we should meet-up sometime for a playdate :)

    2. We'd love that! Let us know when. Our boy doesn't really have any friends his age so I think he'd enjoy that. We're in the Longwood/Wekiva area of town but can meet where ever. From the sound of your newest post it seems the boys are feeling much better!

    3. Oh you are sooo close!!! My Dad lives in Mt Plymouth/Sorrento :) (the chuck.e.cheese post I wrote recently was the one in Altamonte) I will most definitely let you know when we make it down that way. It probably wont be until after my niece makes her grand debut, she's due to arrive mid October ;)

  3. They look so terrible. :( I'm sorry everyone is sick.
    At least they all got it together. You'll find you will be wishing on a star for 3 sick kids at the same time. The first time you get the stomach flu and they get it one at a time, and you find yourself cleaning sheets and jammies for a MONTH ! (sigh)
    I hope they are feeling better soon.



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