Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family Road Trip Part I ~ TN

This year for our annual vacation to NY to see Donna's family we decided to do something a little different. I have been dying to go see my aunt & my uncle that live in TN, they had both bought new houses (they are siblings not husband & wife, just in case you were wondering) & we hadn't been since my uncle passed away almost 2 years ago now. The drive to NY is a 2 day drive, while TN isn't necessarily on the way it was a one day drive & the drive from there to NY was a looong... one day drive, so we thought we'd kill 2 birds with one stone & go both places over the course of 2 weeks.

Garren playing at McDonalds

We started out at 5 am on a Saturday morning, we woke the boys who normally sleep until 7:30 or 8 at 4:30, changed their diapers, dressed them, put them in the van with a cup of fruit loops & hit the road. They did fantastic! I think is was the fruit loops, lol... They ate 2 cups & had a cup of milk, watched a video & snoozed for a while. About 9 am we stopped for an official breakfast & to let the boys play a bit... McDonalds it was! The boys had a blast playing while Donna & took turns using the restroom & got fresh drinks for the road. At this point I think the boys ate granola bars & some fruit, maybe a squeeze pack of breakfast cereal? Garren & Caden too another short nap & we arrived at my aunts at 1 pm, before Kellan got a nap. All 3 boys could have really used a real nap upon arrival but they were too interested in where we were & my aunts boys, to be still long enough to nap so we went grocery shopping with my aunt & then hung out at her house & had dinner. The boys were deliriously tired & cranky to boot so we finally got their beds set up & got them down about 7pm. Donna laid in the  room with them until they settled down... Well, they all fell asleep including Donna & I didn't hear from any of them until morning :)

Kellan & Mom-Mom hanging out upstairs

Sunday my aunt had a cook-out at her place with my uncle & his family & all of us. My aunts house is way more space than the boys are use to & they just couldn't stay in any one place for long. She has a huge back yard but they ran in & out over & over again. Their was a loft upstairs with games, toys & a tv but the stairs were just too fun to not go up & down & give us all heart attacks! They just couldn't stop moving or focus on any one thing so they kept us on our toes until we finally threw a gate up blocking them upstairs. They were not happy about that & of course one of us needed to be with them too, so our visiting was a bit limited. 

Our cousins Braelyn & Blakely

Monday we attempted to do a little shopping but the boys again just weren't having it. So we fed them lunch & headed back to my aunts to put them down for what would hopefully be a nice long nap. My aunt offered to watch them if we wanted to go finish the shopping we had wanted to do, so we took her up on it & ran to Target & Toys R Us. The boys woke up & we got back just in time to change everyone & head to my uncles for dinner.

Garren playing air hockey

I loved seeing everyone & especially loved watching the boys play with their cousins. Garren really enjoyed playing air hockey at my aunts & was pretty good for a 2 year old who had never even seen an air hockey table before. Kellan enjoyed climbing up & down onto the trampoline & zipping it open & closed over & over again with the occasional jump here & there. Caden played bashful for quite a while & engrossed himself in his trains but also enjoyed running in my aunts HUGE backyard.


  1. I'm so impressed at how easily your boys adapt to their surroundings! I'm also impressed that they behave so well on a long car ride! My two flip out after 30 minutes!

    1. Adapting to new places was a bit more difficult but they still did great considering the car ride & change in time zone. Do you have a DVD player for the girls? We wouldn't survive 15 min in the car without ours, lol...

  2. aaaah, first TN next Ca. Their traveling so well opens up a huge world for you guys. :)

    1. I think we'll fly to CA & wait about 5 more years for that kind of time change, lol...



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