Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebrating Baby Nadia

My sister is expecting a baby girl next month, this past saturday was her baby shower.

My sister Autumn, the baby mama!

The hostesses & the baby mama 

I'm not a big baby shower or bridal shower fan & honestly haven't been to many but this one was pretty fun. It was simple & sweet. 

The cake & cupcakes

We played a few games that were low key & just kind of ongoing throughout the shower, like the clothes pin game where you can't say baby & if you do & get caught whoever catches you gets your pin. There was also a game with little bottles in ice cubes & whoever's bottle came loose from the ice first won. And lastly was a name game with clues that to names & whoever got the most right in 3 minutes won. 

Some of the décor

The food

While games were going on we ate lots of delicious little things & mingled. 

I must mention that Donna & the boys tagged along to Jacksonville but it was a no spouse/kid party so I enjoyed a couple hours of kid free time. I ate 2 plates of food... because I could & because it was nice to not have to share or fight off little hands. I was also able to hold conversations without feeling like I have Tourette's syndrome, lol...

My dad & bonus mom came up from Orlando for the shower (dad stayed back at the house with the kids & spouses) & Autumn's in laws, including 2 grandmother or rather great grandmothers to the baby.

The baby mama, 2 of the grandmas & 2 of the great grandmas

Of course everybody showered Autumn & Baby Nadia with lots of baby love!!! :)

Opening gifts

What will be Nadia's favorite blanket!
Made by her favorite aunt ;)

It was a fun day & I cannot wait to meet baby Nadia in 5 weeks!!!

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  1. Look at the family resemblance. Wow.
    Looks like a great party. Love the cake.



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